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Shades of JusticeODD: That’s right, Poe’s guiltiest pleasure of all, CSI Miami, is back, baby! Since I watched pretty much every episode on A&E last summer, I’ve only had new episodes to slake my thirst, and what with the writer’s strike I’ve been deprived of the pithy statements of Horatio Caine for months. But as we all know, “Here in Miami, we…never…close.” (cue Roger Daltrey scream)

Last night’s episode was a pretty straightforward criminal-of-the-week affair, with no ties to the ongoing plot about Caine’s son and the son’s probably-evil mother (Elizabeth Berkley), but the episode had clearly been duded up to celebrate the show’s return. I was particularly fond of Caine’s strut/montage during the cold open, set to rock music that resolved on the same chord as the “Won’t Get Fooled Again” intro.

Eventually, I hope to tie my love of this show to toys…

END: The Iron Man movie figures were officially released this weekend, and I scored a Mark 03 IM and an Iron Monger (OK, my fiance√© scored the Monger). Pete of Fanwank scored the “Repulsor Red Prototype” Target exclusive and the Mark 01 Prototype figures as well, so look for an unusually-formatted review of those tonight (to make up for the lack of a post yesterday).

ODD: I’m going to be on vacation Thursday and Friday this week, but fear not–you’ll still be getting your weekdaily dose of PGPoA. Look for a little something by the aforementioned Pete on Thursday, and on Friday, I’ve got another new figure comic, this one possibly ongoing.

END: The second wave of DC Universe Classics still hasn’t shipped from the online retailers. In fact, they haven’t been seen anywhere other than Target. Here’s my theory: Target did their own shipping from China on this wave, whereas everyone else, from Toys ‘R Us to the online retailers, are waiting for Mattel to distribute the figures themselves–and Mattel’s stuff hasn’t gotten to their distribution centers yet.

When asked, ToyGuru responded that the second wave would be out at the beginning of March. Technically that was true, but now I’m wondering if that was based only on the projected date that Target would have the figures out. As for why Mattel’s shipments are taking so long–it could be there was a delay due to all the bad weather China had last month; or, just maybe, Mattel decided to try and squeeze in the modern Red Tornado variant from DCUC1 into the case mix (which would be fantastic, but I doubt that’s what happened).


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  1. I can't find any IMs at my Walmart… and I've got 3 to choose from around here. Motherpussbucket!

  2. Poe

    I stopped by a Wal-Mart while I was in Florida for a wedding (not sure of the town, it was a supercenter close to Mexico Beach) and they had racks of War Machine (and nothing else), so I nabbed one. I like the figure, and it was a clever way to work an extra character into the line (without having to do much extra molding, to boot).

    I'm going to call him "Black Tie Iron Man."

  3. No, that doesn't make me feel better, because if you can't find one for you, you can't find one for me either!

    I kid, I kid.

    I think Wallyworld's having some shipping issues or something–appearances have been really hit-or-miss.

  4. Tom-Tom

    my bad…

    if it makes you feel better, i cant find him either.

  5. Yeah, because that's what the War Machine is called.

  6. Tom-Tom

    @pete: thats cuz hes not released yet.

    unless by stealth suit, you mean war machine…

  7. Dammit! I CAN NOT find a Stealh Suit IM at ANY of my local WMs!

    I'm going to hit the stores every freaking day until I find a good Mk. 03, too.

  8. I went to Wal-Mart last night and they had an aisle display with IM figures, but they only had Wal-Mart exclusive "stealth" suits. I guess I'll have to make a trip over to TRU this week.

    Only a few days left in March, maybe wave 2 will start shipping! =)


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