The Toybox > #1: Lost and Found

Welcome to the first edition of The Toybox, an original webcomic drawn by Red Kryptonite (whose lovely art adorns the rest of this site) and written by yours truly.

The Toybox will feature an ongoing story (with suitable single-strip punchlines whenever possible) and a cast of toy-themed characters.

Initially, you can expect a new Toybox every other Wednesday (we hope to do them more frequently once we streamline the process, but we’ll see how it goes). Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments section!

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The Toybox #1 - Lost and Found


Trash Day


A tribute to Batman: Year One, pp. 61-62


  1. Love it. Reminded me of a chair I lost a phaser in; didn't find it until I moved like twice…

  2. HA! It took a second to get that it was a couch… but I love the look on his face while staring at the lighter and writing.

  3. OB1

    Good job RK and Poe! Looking forward to the next one.

    (Good job getting Lightbox working on ur own too.)

  4. I'm not sure which is a more terrifying prospect…the second to last panel, or the last one. 😀

    Nice work!

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