ToyFare #129 (May 2008)

ToyFare 129 Picked up the latest issue of ToyFare this week. In the tradition of all uninspired stand-up comedians, let’s see what’s in the news this month…

Cover: Iron Monger from Hasbro’s Iron Man movie line. I have to admit, he looks totally awesome, though I’m wondering whether those hips are ball jointed. Haven’t seen any of these figures in stores yet, but that makes sense since the street date is the 23rd.

Inside cover: Ad for Diamond Select’s second wave of Battlestar Galactica figures. The Cylon looks badass–that’s going to be a hot seller. It looks like they may have fixed up Starbuck’s face a bit, but she still looks more like that woman from Stargate SG-1 to me.

Page 9: Who’s Mandalore the Indomitable™? I’m way behind on this Star Wars Expanded Universe stuff. Last thing I remember is Kyle Katarn and those badass Darktroopers.

Page 10: Ill-favored N2/Mirage Toys made a Mad Max line that actually wasn’t so bad.Page 16: Finally, more Transformers Universe Classics. If I were still into Transformers, this is probably the only line I would be collecting. I love that Powerglide has the gun under the cockpit, just like the original figure. Sunstreaker, Prowl and Octane look great, too. Probably the only thing that gives me enough willpower not to collect these is the lack of the die cast parts that made the original toys feel so substantial.

Page 18: The head sculpts on Hasbro’s 3 ¾” Indiana Jones are not good. The only one who comes out okay is Shia LeBeouf. The standard Indy looks like Billy Bob Thorton. And unless the Russian soldier is played by Andy Richter, that one’s not great, either.

Page 20: Meanwhile, two pages later McFarlane Toys proves that small does not necessarily equal bad sculpting. I only wish a few of these Halo 3 figures were available in a six-inch scale, too.

Page 22: I continue to envy you G.I. Joe fans your excellent revamp (though my wallet is secretly thankful I was never into this line as a kid). I think the sculpts look better than the Indiana Jones figures, but is that just because they’re not based on any real people’s likenesses?

Page 24: The six-breasted shim from Return of the Jedi gets an action figure…Hasbro’s not just scraping the bottom of the barrel now, I think they’ve hit bedrock. And yet, we haven’t had a “Stormtrooper whacks his head on the door” diorama…

Page 26: DCUC series 4 Wonder Woman…that’s what I’m talking about. Or writing about, rather. Anyway, she looks fantastic. The mention of the wave’s C&C figure is cryptic, but seems to suggest it may be Wonder Woman specific–I’m thinking Ares.

Page 29: I’m creeping toward wanting these Gears of War figures. Definitely Marcus, at least. Curse you, NECA!

Page 34: Man, there’s a lot of “Incoming” this month. Anyway, here’s Mezco’s seven-inch Hellboy II line. It’s great to finally get a Selma Blair Liz Sherman, but the likeness leaves a tad to be desired. Love the Mignolian gauntlet on Mr. Wink.

Page 37: Jude Law IS Captain Action! Looks like him in that pic, anyway. Fabian Nicieza wrote NFL Superpro, so I’m expecting good things from this comic. (Ouch, I think the sarcasm in that remark just punched a hole in reality.)

Page 38: It’s decided–I’m getting that Hanuman figure. Also, this exchange wins my “best word balloon gag” award for this issue. Can’t wait to see the Ravana figure. I’m glad ToyFare mentioned two of the designers behind Palisades’ well-loved Muppets line, Matthew Flesher and Eddie Wires, did these.

Page 43: Hasbro definitely seems to be improving with their six-inch figures–the Iron Man movie line looks really good.

Pages 48-50: An interview with the Four Horsemen about the Dark Knight six-inch line. Nothing really new, other than the intimation we might get an in-scale Batpod. Good interview, though.

Page 53: I’m sorry, but those Tonner dolls creep. Me. Out. Actually, just the superhero ones do–the movie ones look pretty good, actually, though they’re definitely dolls, and not “action figures.”

Page 58-67: “ToyFare ranks pop culture’s 100 most kick-ass women.” Can’t argue with their number one pick.

Page 68: A Smurf version of Sin City. Cute, though the gag gets a little old by the fourth page. Note to self: never do one of those “replace swears with the word ‘smurf”” skits–it’s officially been Done to Death.™

Page 74: An ad for ToyFare #130–waaaaaaait a minute. Someone other than me did a write-up on the old Power Lords line? It’s got to be Matt from X-E. (Oh, and the Power Lords rock, no matter what you say, Paul.)

Page 82: Look at this! It’s an article by Toy Bender blogger (and PGPoA Power Pal) Paul Rudolph! Great work, Paul.

Back inside cover: How great is it that Hasbro actively promotes Larry Hama’s involvement with the 25th Anniversary line?

And that’s it for this month’s ToyFare. Join us next time, where I’ll grind my teeth at not getting to write the Power Lords article–but be thankful that someone did it. And there’d better be an interview with Wayne Barlow!


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  1. Paul's Last name isn't… Bender? I'm disillusioned. Also note: Power Girl was 99… that upset me enough to vomit. Yeah I miss the visual price guides too, even though I really gloss over the Joe and Harry Potter ones (except for the word balloons).

  2. Tom-Tom

    poe, they look ball jointed:…

    either way, itll be a sweet figure and a filled spot.

  3. Page 18 – I'd like to thank ToyFare for the "Crystal Skull" spoiler. I was trying not to get a peek at the thing until I actually, like saw the movie. I knew it was going to be of alien origin though, so I guess its not that big of a deal. Is it me or does that hat seem way too big for Indy? I'm still gooing over the Taters of the Lost Ark Mr. Potato Head. I'm thinking a Shia Leoeuf figure would be great with my movie TFs!

    Page 21 – WTF is up with that Joker?

    Page 22 – The G.I. Joe Anniversary line is more than I could have hoped for. I'm all about the Target-exclusive Hiss Tank!

  4. Tom-Tom

    i agree poe, that iron monger looks sweet.

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