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ODD: As mentioned yesterday, we did a little sprucing up here at PGPoA. If you’re curious who the bear in the menu is, don’t worry–she’ll be showing up in The Toybox soon. And has anyone figured out who the “Comics” guy is? If not, you’ll find out if you pick up Toyfare #130 in a week or two.

END: My review of DCUC wave two was over 4,000 words long, so I’m just curious–how many people actually read the whole thing? I’m thinking I may be writing way too much for the attention span of your average websurfer.

ODD: I’ve been toying with opening up a message board for PGPoA. Since I’m not really sure how many lurkers I have who might be interested in such a thing, I’m going to post a poll to gauge interest.

END: Right on the heels of DCUC2, my NECA Ninja Turtle figures should ship this week.
I still find it hard to believe I’m getting superposeable TMNT figures based on the original comic, but there it is.

ODD: I’ve been playing a lot of Super Smash Bros. Brawl lately, and it’s got me thinking–where the heck is the toy line for this game? And heck, for Nintendo characters in general? The best line of Nintendo action figures is still the ToyBiz Mario Kart 64 line from 1999 (which sells for big money on eBay these days). There are some vinyl Japanese imports out there, but what I want is a line with the scale and poseability of the Mario Kart one, but featuring the character selection of SSBB (minus third-party characters like Sonic and Solid Snake, of course).

Come to think of it, maybe this deserves its own Poe’s Point…

END: In the Off-Topic Dept., I’ve had two Netflix movies sitting around waiting to be watched for weeks: The Kingdom and Beowulf. It’s surprising I haven’t sat down and watched either of them yet, particularly the latter, since I was “the Beowulf guy” to my friends in college (I wrote my senior thesis on the poem). But for some reason, right now I’d rather watch an old MST3K episode for the fiftieth time than commit to watching a new movie.


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  1. Tom-Tom

    @poe that gives me an idea…

  2. Poe

    @PT–do you do much websurfing on the can? 😉

  3. I agree, splitting it up into multiple reviews will not only give you the freedom to go into as much detail on each individual figure, but also give you more content. But honestly, you should be writing your reviews to accommodate the duration of an average bowel movement. 😉

  4. Poe

    @OrionPax636–You win! Yep, that's "Sydot" from Power Lords.

    @Esbat–#8 of what?

    @Paul–I may do that for wave three, particularly since that looks to be one of the greatest single action figure waves of all time.

  5. As a lazy person, I would have split up the reviews into multiple posts, both for attention spans (web writing is usually shorter) and because I could stretch it out and make it seem like I had more content for the week. 🙂

  6. Ditto with Ryan… although I am interested in Ronnie Raymond Firestorms. The modern Aquaman and possibly Black Manta, maybe on clearance for them.

    Forums sounds interesting, you'd make #8.

  7. Tom-Tom

    i read the whole thing.

    and a message board would be neat, that way i can just edit posts instead of adding another one.

  8. orionpax636

    I don't know that the DCUC2 review was all that long. Judging from the average review size at OAFE, the individual reviews looked only a bit longer than usual.

    And is that "Comics" guy from Power Lords? Yet another interesting line I never picked up (like Skeleton Warriors, Centurions, Supernaturals and Inhumanoids).

  9. Ryan Aston

    I read the whole thing! I liked it, even though I have no interest in the figures except for Harley Quinn.

    As for the Smash Bros Brawl figures, damn right! I really want a Game & Watch figure; that character really is the shit.

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