Alas, poor Frank!

I knew him, Donnie; a fellow of infinite death, of most excellent prophecy; he hath warned me of the end of the world a thousand times; and now, how creepy in my imagination it is! My gorge rises at it. Here is that eye that I have shot out in the future. Where be your Sparkle Motion now? Your threats, your cryptic stares, your disturbing appearances in the bathroom mirror? Not one to mock your own reflections? Quite hallucinatory?

Now get you to Roberta Sparrow’s driveway, and know this: though you cheat jet engines in the tangent universe, to this favor you must come.


Odds ‘n Ends – Imposter Edition


Taters of the Lost Ark


  1. Of course he did. He even did it all slow and creepy like too.

  2. Poe

    Did he ask you why you were wearing that stupid man suit? If not, he sucks.

  3. We saw a guy dressed as Frank the Bunny at the Comic Con last weekend. We asked him why he was wearing that stupid bunny suit.

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