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ODD: Before you ask, yes, my webhost is having problems again. Fingers crossed that everything is resolved in the next few days. Apparently there’s some troublesome file server, and I think I speak for everyone in my cluster when I suggest that once all the data has been offloaded from that server, it should be dragged out into a field behind the office and smashed with a baseball bat.

But I digress.

END: An inquisitive DC Universe Classics fan uncovered two new photos this week: promo photos of Kalibak and the Sinestro Corps variant of Sinestro. (UPDATE: I’ve removed the Kalibak photo, as apparently Mattel doesn’t want it out there right now.) The Kalibak is a new reveal, and given the fact that the photo was found on Mattel’s retailer site, it’s probably safe to assume he’s the Collect & Connect figure for Wave 6.

ODD: I scored the second Iron Monger and Titanium Man from Hasbro’s Iron Man line in a trade this weekend. Watch for reviews of both figures over on OAFE sometime in the near future. My teeny-tiny review: they’re both pretty cool.

I’ll be posting most of my reviews posted on OAFE from now on (despite the fact that yo go re has yet to post a single comment over here…I don’t think he even reads the blog).

END: When I have all the figures that I could possibly want (not counting the ones that aren’t out yet), I tend to cast about looking for some other figure and then become obsessed with it. My latest is Attack Armor Batman, an international exclusive from Mattel’s 2003 Batman line (the grandfather line of DCUC). The bastard tends to go for upwards of $100 online (even loose!). Why do I want him, you ask? Well, basically, he’s got a dark blue/light blue color scheme I really like, plus the all-important hinged hips. On the downside, he has a cloth cape and is expensive as hell on the secondary market. Black-and-gray Batman from DCSH8 is arguably superior in every way, and yet…

I hope DCUC3 comes out soon. That’ll take my mind off it…

ODD: Mrs. Ghostal-to-Be and I were watching American Gladiators last night (because we’re awesome) and I saw that next week’s theme is going to be the Incredible Hulk, complete with Gladiator and living Ken doll “Titan” painted green for the event. If you don’t watch it, Wolf will eat you. Hurry up with those action figures, JAKKS!

END: I hope you all had a great Memorial Day. I’d like to send a note of thanks to both my grandfathers. My father’s father was a sergeant in the Air Force during WWII, and my mother’s father is a retired Navy captain. They’re both still alive and kicking today, but I wanted to let them know how much I appreciate their service for our country.


Mousers in the house(…rs…)


Poe’s Point > DCUC and retail distribution



  2. ingenious!

  3. Poe

    Ha! My plan worked perfectly…

  4. yo

    what makes you think that?

  5. Poe

    The sad thing is, I once owned an Attack Armor Batman. And a Bat Signal Batman! courtesy of Shocka. I ended up selling them both on eBay. I never even opened the AA Batman! Sigh…this was back in '05, I think…

  6. edit: it almost looks like the cape from the two-pack, except purple.

  7. well, seeing as most of what ive done today is post about AA batman (my blog on OAFE forums) or read reviews on him, it looks like poe has re-ignited my obsession for the figure (damn you!)

    also, it looks like he also repaint the blue into black, which is almost a plus in my book, if only the cape was the same color.

  8. Poe

    Yeah, he definitely did. And then he wants $80 for it…

  9. im guessing this guy modded the cape:

    Attack Armor Batman

  10. orionpax636

    I have that Attack Armor Bats, and he's awesome. He's really out there in terms of style, and while he really doesn't fit in with any other figures at the 6" scale, I still dig 'im like Smacks.

    He has a muscled-up physique with a tiny head, a ridiculous shield accessory and the Batarang to end all Batarangs, but he's still damn cool. It featured DC's first forays into super-articulation and make you wonder why 1) it was overseas only and 2) why Mattel hadn't jumped onto the articulation bandwagon sooner.

    It's also interesting as it's a figure where the Horsemen say they sculpted him that way on instruction from Mattel to produce somewhat of an anime-inspired Bats, that they initially didn't like but grew to like later.

    I paid a pretty penny for him a couple years ago (almost 4 times retail), and haven't seen him online since. I also wanted to get Bat Signal, but have pretty much given up trying to get him and settled on 2-pack Bats.

  11. I don't think Yo reads this blog either. Hell, I haven't seen any comments by him on my blog for a bit. Is he okay?


    You need a new web host.

  12. Poe

    It would be nice if Mattel re-released Attack Armor Batman, perhaps with the Bat Signal accessory…you can basically get the Bat Signal Batman by buying the TRU Batman/Robin exclusive set.

  13. i dont really care about the bat-signal batman all that much, i just really want the attack armor one…

  14. You and me both, Esbat. I would kill for one of those bat signals. Okay, it would only be like a cockroach or something, but still–killing.

  15. I want Bat signal batman for both the figure and Signal.

  16. I didn't realize Sinestro was a lefty. I should have–the root word is sinistral, after all. So that's why all GLs wear their ring on the right hand…

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