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Here’s our latest batch of questions and answers with Mattel’s ToyGuru!

PG: In terms of character selection and costumes, does Mattel view DC Universe Classics as a line catering to collectors who are fond of earlier eras, such as the 1970s/’80s, in a way similar to Masters of the Universe Classics?

Absolutely! Our license for DC comics extends to 2012 and we would like to get to all of the popular eras for as many characters as possible.

On a related note, obviously some more contemporary costumes have appeared in DCUC (wave 3 Robin and Sinestro Corps Sinestro, for instance). How much do you try to tie DCUC in with the changes going on in the DCU, particularly when events such as Final Crisis may have far-ranging effects on popular characters?

We are working very closely with DC comics both in terms of avoiding potential overlap with DC Direct figures and in terms of including characters that will be featured in upcoming storylines. Staying on the forefront of DC continuity is very important to the collector and to Mattel.

Approximately how long is it between the time the Horsemen complete a figure sculpt and the time it appears on the retail pegs?

About 9 months to a year.

Will MOTU Classics be in the same scale, and have the same articulation, as DCUC?

Yes. But the MOTU Classics figures will be a bit more muscular.

Are Movie Master bucks fair game for shared tooling with DCUC, and vice versa?

Yup. Where appropriate. We won’t make any stretches that don’t logically work for the character.


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  1. C'mon Jim Balent 90's Catwoman… I like catgirls and boobies. its a must!

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