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ODD: I saw Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull over the weekend. I’m trying to decide whether a longer review is something that fits in the scope of this blog, but the short version is, I had a great time. I enjoyed it much like I did Die Hard 4–it was like hanging out with some old friends (and featured some completely over-the-top stunts). Because Spielberg directed it instead of Lucas, it wasn’t a disappointing train wreck like the prequels, but rather a simple, fun adventure. I feel comfortable rating it above Temple of Doom but below Crusade (my favorite) and Raiders. For another perspective, check out this piece by my cousin Ed; he was quite troubled by Old Indy. Personally, I found it rather heartening; just because you’ve hit retirement age doesn’t mean life is over and you can’t bust a few more bad-guy chops. And while Ford has been showing his age in his more recent movies, he comes alive in Crystal Skull in a way he hasn’t since, well, Last Crusade.

END: Speaking of 1980s nostalgia, I also watched Krull this weekend (thanks to Comcast On Demand–I want to make it clear I didn’t rent the thing). I’m fairly sure my father took me to the theater to see this when it was released in 1983, when I was about four years old. In watching it again, I discovered I remembered nothing about it except a few traumatizing sights, such as the monstrous bad guy and a guy being slowly, painfully skewered in one of those classic closing-wall-spike traps. But while many movies of my childhood wither and die upon an adult viewing, Krull was surprisingly entertaining. It’s sort of a science fantasy version of an Errol Flynn flick–in a much more deliberate, self-conscious way than, say, Star Wars. Heck, the main character even wears striped tights, and yet, Mrs. Ghostal-to-Be and I agreed he was “pulling. them. off.” Also, the aforementioned bad guy, a monster simply called the Beast, looked quite horrific, even Lovecraftian. It’s campy fun, to be sure, but the fun is there to be had, as long as you’re not looking for anything more than that.

ODD: There’s been plenty of news out of Wizard World Philadelphia. According to the rumor mill, Wizard is trying to position WWP as the “toy show” of the Wizard World family of conventions. I think that’s a cool idea, and I’m down with it because Philly isn’t nearly as far from me as, say, San Diego. Anyway, you can get all the toy-related poop from attendee yo go re at OAFE. I was most excited to see DCUC Hawkman’s articulated wings and the purple-and-silver Scarabus variant for this year FANtastic Exclusive (which, unfortunately, probably won’t be available before winter this year, due to the Horsemen’s infamous production troubles with Ramathorr).

END: Interesting tidbits from the latest round of Mattel Q&As: Don’t expect waves 4 and 5 of DCUC until late August or early September (which probably puts wave 3 in late June/early July). The Jason Rusch Firestorm will appear at retail, possibly soon. The wave 5 Metallo was originally going to be a DCSH figure, hence his relatively small 7.5″ height.

ODD: I’m still obsessed with trying to figure out what the hell is going on in Grant Morrison’s “Batman R.I.P.” storyline. Is anyone else reading this? I’m usually the type to read the trades after the fact, but I got sucked into this one. One fun thing about Morrison’s use of so many Golden and Silver age stories is that it’s encouraged me to go back and read a lot of them.

END: The Toybox will return tomorrow! The strip will be a bit different than what you’ve seen before.


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  1. Poe

    @Carlos–Honestly, I have no idea what's going on either. I've tried to get inside Morrison's writerly mind and figure out what exactly his plans are for Batman, but he's so weird and out there, it's a lost cause.

    For what it's worth, I don't think the Black Glove is Alfred, or Gordon, or any of those people. My short list of suspects is: Joe Chill, Joe Chill's son, Hugo Strange, and Thomas Wayne.

  2. Carlos

    @ODD- Master OB1 sent me. I have been to the Danse Macabre, I am a founding member of The Black Glove, The Company, The Da Vinci Code and the Free Masons- hung out with Nick Cage's great grandpa. Seriously, Sean told me to check this out. I've read RIP to date. I'm not confused, but I don't really know what's going on. Does that make sense? It's cool though! I think Jez is in on it. Can't beleive Alfred has anything to do with it. A part I almost missed where doc hurt mentioned the "trigger phrase"; did the mainframe/screen say it? And why did bruce say he wasn't ready? Did he know something was coming? I don't know, I like it so so far. The Joker scene was wicked.

  3. I call for more Mistah Plow in the comments section.

  4. Ten points for the How I Met Your Mother reference.

  5. Poe

    No prob, Plow, I definitely get your perspective. I guess I've just been noticing how old Ford is for a while now. I remember seeing an interview with him, maybe as much as ten years ago, and even then he seemed old. By contrast, I was impressed by how lively he is in Crystal Skull.

    And besides, he still has five years on John McCain. Indy for President!

  6. Also, I definitely respect your opinion about Indy. The more I've let it sink in, the more I like it – and agree that for an old coot, that Harrison Ford is still fairly lively.

    But – you have to remember that the original Raiders is a seminal touchstone moment for me and I made the mistake of rewatching it the night before. That burst of nostalgia coupled with the raging bout of monkeypox or whatever Superflu had me in its grips, conspired to rob some of the enjoyment and leave me shattered in a deep, soul searching funk.

    Other than that – it was good fun.

  7. Your Dad (my UNCLE!!!) brought you to see Krull at the age of 4. And later – brought you to see Conan the Destroyer at the age of, what, 8???

    Where was DSS????

  8. OB1

    I have the Batman RIP issues to date, but like the rest of my comics, I am insanely behind so I haven't read them yet.

  9. For some reason, I recall a Krull arcade game as being pretty cool for an 80's movie tie in. I think it was kind of similar to the Tron game, but not as popular. (Tron's still floating around.)

  10. I haven't read any of RIP yet but I'm psyched for it once I can afford to buy comics again.

  11. I liked Indy too.

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