Old school haulage and a rare Poe custom

I’m on a little mini-vacation right now, using up my vacation days at work before they expire on July 1. I took yesterday off, as well as the first two days of next week. So rather than do anything even mildly constructive yesterday, I headed off to a local comic shop, Comicazi. Comicazi has two locations–one in Somerville, Massachusetts, which I’ve visited many times, and another in Arlington. I’d never been to the Arlington one and, having nothing better to do, decided to see what was there.

What was there, my friends, was an action figure heaven. Racks upon racks of toys, both old and new–toys from the 1970s, ’80s and ’90s right up to today. I should have taken photos–I didn’t have my camera–but here’s just a random sampling of what I saw from memory: Resaurus Duke Nukem figures, McFarlane’s Nitro Riders, vintage Doctor Who figures, Galoob 3 3/4″ Star Trek: the Next Generation figures, an entire wall of Playmates Star Trek figures, Kenner Beetlejuice figures, and tons of 1990s Toy Biz Marvel figures. Again, that’s just a small sampling, and all of this was MOC.

There were also a lot of loose toys in little baggies, and this was where I spent most of my time. I found two vintage items I’d been eying on eBay for months, but never could bring myself to buy them–particularly since, for some reason, they tended to be pretty expensive. But for a grand total of $13, I got the following two figures:

The one on the left is Leatherhead from the old Playmates TMNT line, whom I got–with his accessories–for $4.95. The other is the H2Ghost from the Real Ghostbusters line in the ’80s. At $8.95, he was a bit more expensive, but seeing as how I’d watched him go for $15-$20 on eBay (not counting shipping), I didn’t think twice about it. He had to be mine.

Actually, there was a third purchase as well–a vintage cartoon Tick figure, MOC, which I got for one of the centerpiece at my upcoming wedding (a request of my bride-to-be’s father).

Leatherhead was always one of my favorite TMNT figures, and I just wanted to add him to my Shrine. But the H2Ghost I just wanted for fun. He’s got a great color scheme and a cool design, and makes for a good desk guardian. Even Mrs. G2B can’t stop picking him up and fiddling with him. Oh, and if you’re wondering about his name–both his top and bottom sections squirt water.

I also spent hours upon hours yesterday trying to pull off a custom I’d seen on the Fwoosh. The DC Superheroes Bane figure is pretty cool (particularly if you scored the international version with closed fists, as I did, thanks to my good pal Shocka), but his squatting legs leave a bit to be desired. Many customizers had swapped in the legs from a Legendary Comic Book Heroes Marv. After seeing the results, I decided to give it a shot myself. I did have some misgivings about breaking up the aesthetic wholeness of a Four Horsemen sculpt, but Bane had been sculpted in the early days of the comic Batman line and as such, he’s a bit too pre-posed when placed alongside his DCSH and DCUC descendants.

The recipe was fairly simple–cut Marv and Bane in half at the torso and glue Marv’s legs to Bane. Unfortunately, both Marve’s lower torso and Bane’s upper torso have a peg. I was loathe to surrender Bane’s waist articulation, so I spent hours trying dozens of different tricks to get the two halves to stay together while keeping the waist articulation.

In the end, I had to give up and glue him together. It just wasn’t going to happen. Nonetheless, I like the results.


The Four Horsemen Interview II (Part 2)


ToyFare #132


  1. @Poe: Heh well if you see the figures give me a call!

  2. Poe

    @Paul–I'm pretty sure I saw those. Even if they don't have them at that particular store, I know I saw them at a store in L.A. the last time I was there. For like $7 each I think…I'll be back there in a month or so.

  3. Did they have the old 3.75 inch Star Trek Next Gen figures? Those are the only ones I ever liked (despite having molded phasers in their hands)

  4. Poe

    He's just one of my favorite TMNT figures from the original line, and I had lost mine (or rather, the one I have had lost his upper jaw at some point long ago).

  5. why leatherhead? that seems kinda random…

  6. Mumma Ghostal

    I suppose before I forever hand you over to DG, we should have ONE last shopping trip….and this looks like the place!

  7. Poe

    Nope, those are just Marv's boots. I didn't do anything other than glue Marv's bottom half to Bane's top half.

  8. add on: did you put bane's boots back on the legs, or just use marv's?

  9. or just cut off whatever peg you don't want, a drill a hole there to fit the one left. looks good, btw.

  10. If only i could fine a Marv. On the articulation front just dremel off the head of a screw, drill a starter hole on both halves of the figure, and just pop the threaded post in the center and screw them together. Now you have waist articulation.

    I do that for basica side to side head turning on my customs when Ball joint is out of the question.

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