Robo Course

While obviously I encourage you to go out and buy the a copy of ToyFare #132, you can now read my retrospective on the 1980s Robo Force toy line on TF’s website as well.

Get ‘Er, Robo!
Robo Force may have suction cups for behinds, but these robot toys never, ever sucked

Hello, Robo! Adios, Robo!
ToyFare looks at the five strangest Robo Force robots and the ones that didn’t make the cut


Batman vs. Predator: Old Scores #4


Humor > Economics Study Claims “Free Parking Prize” Destabilizes Monopoly

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  1. "Those robots have some shitty disguises" – Anonymous relative who glossed over the article while "visiting" my bathroom.

    Transformer n00bs.

    I dug the article as it helped explain another mystery toy I owned a child.

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