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Another month, another round of Mattel Q&A! Just a few questions this week.

Our astute reader EL noticed, in the press photos for the Movie Masters Batman/Scarecrow two-pack, that the gauntlets on both the regular and demonic Batman appear to have been accidentally reversed (that is, the gauntlets have been placed on the wrong wrists). The “grid” should be on the inside, not the outside, of the gauntlets. Was this just an error with the prototypes or test shots?

Good eagle eye! Yes, this was just a pre production shot and will be fixed when the toys hit shelves.

[Poe’s note: From the photos posted online by collectors, the initial shipments of the second wave of Movie Masters figures appear to have this error. It’s possible it will be corrected as a running change.]

Aside from the Joker’s knife, why weren’t any Batarangs or other in-scale accessories included with the Dark Knight Movie Masters figures?

Including extra accessories might be a great choice for re-releases of these figures!

In the interest of making sure DC Universe Classics has a long healthy lifespan, does it make a difference whether collectors buy the figures at their local Target, Wal-Mart or Toys ‘R Us or order a case from an online retailer?

If you truly want to support the line, buy triples of each figure, one from each retailer! Seriously though, we are proud that so many retailers and online dealers are supporting this line.


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  1. Wes

    I can't even buy singles of each DCUC figure, let alone triples. Can't buy what I can't find, can I? šŸ˜›

  2. Chris

    @ Tom-Tom: I agree. lol

  3. I've heard with a little elbow grease and the "heat and pop" method you can just swap the arms.

  4. all of the answers bring the following phrase to mind: "effed that up, didnt ya?"

  5. Chris

    I may be wrong but I think they gave answer like that because they can't say, "Well it won't make a difference. So just buy from online retailers…or….just buy from target".

    Mattel q&a's are usually worthless.

  6. Chris

    Wow….Mattel employees did sniff up too much lead.

    What the hell is up with question #3?

    Poe's question was not:

    Hey is mattel PROUD of support from Target, Walmart, TRUS and online retailers?

    Cuz they replied, "Seriously though, we are proud that so many retailers and online dealers are supporting this line."

    What a retard! Was this Toy Guru? Geez. lol The politics behind these toys is sickening.

  7. Zodach

    Actually, the only chase figures that have been very hard to find are the Movie Masters variants. We haven't seen many variants from the DCUC and the only ones released (Superman Red/Blue & Classic/Modern Aquaman) were packed pretty evenly.

  8. plain_sliced

    sounds like this guy was blowing smoke up our @$$3$. who knows.

    me, the whole gauntlet thing is nuts. who cares. i got a great figure, that's what counts for me.

    DC chase figures are not like toybiz chases. you can at least find some toybiz chases. you have a better chance of returning soup at a deli than finding a dc chase figure.

  9. A simple 'no' would have sufficed for that second question.

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