Demons, turtles, and such forth

I’ve got a backlog of posts to get to, including some new interviews, but today I thought I’d just pass on some of the news and pics that have been filling up my inbox.

Thomas of CornerStoreComics sent along some great photos of the second wave of Mezco’s 7″ Hellboy line. Check out the gallery below for the pics. The sculpting on these looks fantastic, particularly on the Angel of Death and the Goblin. The Hellboy comes with a real cloth coat this time around. You can pre-order these bad boys (and girl) from CSC right here. (In the comment section of your order, be sure to mention ol’ Poe sent you!)

I also received some nice big (really big) images from NECA of their upcoming TMNT SDCC exclusives, the Mouser 3-pack and the box set of the black-and-white Turtles, painted in the style of their original comic. Again, CSC has the hook-up if you can’t make it to SDCC (or don’t have a friend going you can use as a packhorse).


Ask Mattel > July 15


Heightened Interest (Marvel Legends She-Hulk)


  1. captainzero

    And I should add that I got her at CSC!!

    Those guys are great to deal with… and I recommend them. They've always been great as far as I'm concerned.

    And Wink is "heavy duty", man!!

  2. captainzero

    Got her ordered. Things are kool!! Thanks!

  3. captainzero

    Oh, — I don't want to sound ungrateful—

    Thanks, Poe.

    I was tooooo slow.

    She looks very nice. I'm sure I'll get another chance. It's early yet.

  4. captainzero

    Ar-r-rr-ah!! I was too late to order the Princess. Darn it!!

    Hey, if anyone learns of another site… please share it, ok?? CSC is out!!

  5. Must. Get. Wink and Hellboy figures.

  6. I'm dying for that troll.

  7. plain_sliced

    a mouser without an opening mouth is a useful as 36c breasts on a cactus.

    i'll stick to HB1 hellboy stuff. this second wave from this bomb of a movie is a big PASS for me. where are all the real good figures like golden army figures, blue variant golden army figure, prof. broom, a movie version of roger, the tooth fairies, a better articulated prince nauada?

    so mezco thinks i'd rather have a handicapped troll and statue-like princess & angels?

  8. If CSC isn't paying you, they should! hehe

  9. the one thing that gets me about the packaging of the black/white figures is the one on the far right (for god's sakes, don't yell) is partially hidden by the box.

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