Hasbro’s Marvel Museum (SDCC 2008)

(Full pictures of everything I discuss are right here.)

Hasbro sure does show us a lot of Marvel figures, considering that they haven’t actually sold us many in the last 8 months or so.

Still, Hulk Legends has made it to retail (and Foom is worth it, even if a few of the figures aren’t), and other lines are on their way. In a weird move, Hasbro has shown another Wal-Mart exclusive wave, with no standard HML 4 yet to appear. I hope they don’t plan to continue this trend of ML appearing only as exclusives…

At any rate, the Wal-Mart Exclusive Marvel Legends Wave 2 (hereafter WEML2) lineup is: Crossbones, Ben Reilly Spider-Man, a new Vision figure, a repaint of the FFML Human Torch, Ultimate War Machine (a repaint of UIM from HML1), Heroes Reborn Iron Man, Guardian, and Kang, with Ares as a BAF.

Now, I’m super-excited about a Ben Reilly Spider-Man. Yes, the Clone story was awful, but the minor tweak of the traditional Spidey costume was most excellent. Vision, I don’t really see the need for–wasn’t the ML7 version enough? It had a variant and everything. Heroes Reborn Iron Man? Blech. I understand the drive, the Iron Man movie being the success it was, but still, blech. Guardian. Guardian! More Alpha Flight, please!

FFML Human Torch? Meh. There are a couple of different repaints shown, and they’re fine, but I think we’ve had enough of Johnny in the 6″ scale. Ultimate War Machine…are they even trying? Crossbones I know nothing about, save that he looks cool and I’ll probably like him on that basis alone.

I like Ares as a BAF, but it looks like Hasbro has repeated the move that irked fans with the FFML line’s BAF–packing the accessories with separate figures. What is that about, Hasbro? A helmet is not a BAF piece. It’s an accessory.

I feel like I’m forgetting something. Oh, right. Kang. Kang. Those of you who shelled out $60 plus for him a while back, please take your complimentary tissue* now and feel free to weep openly. It’s okay. We’ll be here when you get back.

Feel better? Good. Onward! More ML Two-Packs were also shown, including Iron Man with SHIELD Agent Maria Hill, Stealth Iron Man with SHIELD Agent Sharon Carter, and a Hand Ninja with SHIELD Agent Dum Dum Dugan (I’m sensing a pattern here…). Also shown again were Thing and Reed Richards. So, to recap, we’re getting those two in a two-pack, and Johnny again in a new wave. Then, we’re getting Johnny again in another two-pack with Sue. It makes no sense. Dum Dum Dugan I about had a nerdgasm over…we are talking a government agent who beats baddies while wearing a bowler hat and handlebar moustache. You wish you were that cool. The alternate Tony head shown in the Iron Man two packs is honestly the best Tony Stark head I’ve seen since the ML11 Hulkbuster version–it looks great, if a bit too long and bony.

Also shown again was the Wal-Mart Exclusive Nemesis wave–previously known as HML4. Are you ever going to release these, Hasbro? My AXM team is sad without their Beast. I heard Cyke crying last night, honest.

Superhero Squad! I’m not even going to attempt to list ALL the new figures shown, so I’ll only talk about one. Shang-Chi, Master of Kung Fu. SHANG-CHI! Now where is his ML incarnation!? Why are we getting three separate repaints of Johnny Storm and NO SHANG CHI!?

…and one dose of sedatives later, I’m good to go. I really like Shang-Chi, though, Hasbro. Please?

We found out a while back that Spider-Man Classics is making a return, but now is the first time we’re actually seeing new figures in the line. Shown are Tarantula, Venom III (Mac Gargan for those of you who don’t track the numbers), and a Juggernaut figure that looks…well, unimpressive, compared to a certain other version from a certain other best wave of toys ever released. The Venom III looks great, though–I’m really looking forward to that figure. There are also a few Spider-Man figures shown (surprise). I’m not certain if the standard Spidey there is a new release or if he’s the old McFarlane one (having never owned it), but I do know he looks pretty great, and he’ll probably be my display Spidey if he looks that good once he hits the market.

But enough about Spider-Man. Let’s talk about, uh, Spider-Man. More figures from the Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon were shown, and it looks like they’ll be giving us Green Goblin, Electro, Lizard, and Rhino, in addition to endless rehashes of Spidey in both classic and black suit varieties. It does look like we’ll be getting some super-articulated versions though, which is nice. Now if only they’d do that for the villains…

And, of course, there’ll be even more Spider-Man in the Marvel Crossovers set, featuring a Black Suit Spidey who transforms into a cycle. Also pictures is a Human Torch who converts to a jet, and a repaint of the first wave’s Hulk into, well, Grey Hulk. Then there’s Wolverine, who actually looks pretty spiffy, and will probably end up in my home, due to my wife’s (I can say that now, heh) Wolvie fetish.

On the Unleashed side of things, we’re being shown Green Goblin, Spider-Man, and the upcoming Iron Man. Nothing new, but man, that Iron Man looks all kinds of overcompensatingly (it’s a word now) awesome.

Of course, this is all not even mentioning the stuff not made by Hasbro. Skrull Minimates, people. Just keep that in mind.

Don’t mind that howling sound you hear coming from your wallet–it’s just the void where a non-collector’s money would go.

*Tissue not actually complimentary, nor even available. You’ll have to find your own, folks.


SDCC 2008 Preview Night




  1. i agree with him being too lean. i like him nice and bulky.

  2. captainzero


    I disagree about The Vision. I think he looks WAY too "thin" and "lean".

    Maybe you remember him when Perez or someone like Perez drew him.(that's just one of the reasons I don't like some of George's work. His heroes look "sickly" to me.)

    I liked the way John Buscema drew him. Kind of a barrel-chest, massive build.

    Go back and look at the early Vision stuff in The Avengers. That's the way I liked him.

    I don't think he's "always been lean."

    I didn't like either of the Vision action figures for exactly that reason…he's toooo lean.

    (Just a difference of opinion.)

  3. here are the ones that are out:

    ultimate captain america and nick fury

    elektra and ronin

    forge and wolverine

    mr. fantastic and the thing.

    the two pack thing would have been perfect, had he been about an inch taller.

  4. Heads up–ML Two-packs are OUT. At least one of them. Which means probably more.

  5. Man I so want alot of those 2 packs. I don't have a proper Johnny, Sue, or Reed. I can always use new Iron Mans, and I'm always on the look out for my smexy femmes in the hopes I can one day pull a weird science and have a 7 foot tall She-Hulk for a girlfriend.

  6. Well, it's nitpicking, but two-pack Johnny is essentially just a repaint of the FFML Johnny. Looks like he may have a new head though (hooray!).

    I'd say Hulkbuster IM resembles a mafia don more than Hitler. Hitler had a much narrower face, and his mustache is completely different. But then, a bit of a bushier mustache on the figure, and I'd say Tom Selleck.

  7. hulkbuster did. also, read through the first paragraph again, i got it right.

    and yes, they ARE coming out this september:

    [img ]http://marvellegends.net/SDCC/thumbnails/IMG_2284.jpg[/img]

  8. You're getting it backwards. It's the single-packed Johnny that will be flaming, shown with the rest of the Ares wave, and the non-flame Johnny is shown with Sue and the rest of the two-packs.

    The new Vision looks to have just about the same proportions as the previous–what about the previous one was too thin? He's always been a lean character.

    And Juggy is supposed to have big gorilla arms. He's been drawn that way forever. This version is much too…small.

    I agree with you over the new Iron Man (at least the two-pack one). But…Hitler head? Which IM had a Hitler head?

  9. the two-pack johnny is going to be painted into a flaming on variant. im glqad they decided to make him translucent, because the only other option for him like that is the F4 classics one, and his arms were all but immobile.

    as for vision and juggy, im glad theyre making new versions, as the old vision was too thin, and the old juggy had gorilla arms.

    the new spidey shown (not the mcfarlnae repaint) looks like a scale down of the unleashed fiugre, but (possibly) with a new head.

    i had a nerdgasm over that new iron man (im assuming the stealth two-pack is a variant), especially the alternate non-hitler head.

    the ares wave is supposedly shipping in september, along side the target wave, which makes no sense at all: the figures have just been shown off, theyre not gonna release it that quickly. NEXT september maybe, but not this soon.

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