Heightened Interest (Marvel Legends She-Hulk)

Pete here! Hey, lucky me–I completed my Hulk Legends set this week, courtesy of a well-thought out wedding present from a friend of mine.

As I’ve perused various postings on the figures in this wave over the last few weeks, I’ve noticed that one figure under quite a bit of scrutiny is She-Hulk. Some are concerned that this is nothing more than another rehash of the ML2 Shulkie, and more are concerned by the disparity in height. Well fear no more! With my shrewd detective skills, I shall unravel this dark and sinister mystery, at great personal risk to myself. I do this so that you may sleep peacefully at night, secure in your safety. You may thank me with money.

To start with, Savage Shulkie is definitely NOT a rehash of the ML2 version. In fact, there is not one single piece of the sculpt that remains the same–every single thing is different. As you can see in the images, even her joints are different, as she possesses the oft-maligned new Hasbro joints. Even a part that would have been easy to scale down–the shoulders and upper arms–gets a completely new sculpt. Her torso is even…ahem…noticeably different. Whereas ML2 Shulkie had the hinge joint, this one has a nice joint with near-360 degree motion.

So, we’ve got two completely different Shulkie sculpts. Now it’s time to take this editorial to new heights. ML2 Shulkie clocks in at a whopping 7 1/4″ tall, which, at 1/12 scale, puts her at 7’3″. That’s a full 8 inches taller than official sources cite her at.

Now, new Shulkie? 6 1/2″. Scaling up, that puts her at 6’6″, only one inch shy of her canon 6’7″. That means this Shulkie figure is almost exactly the height she’s supposed to be.

So, while several of the figures in the Hulk Legends set have disappointed several fans, let’s keep in mind that, at least scale-wise, Hasbro has given us the most accurate Shulkie we’ve ever had. I say good job, Hasbro!

…and yes, she’s clothed under that ripped garment. Sheesh, people.


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