The Return

That’s right, folks…I’m back. Cue evil laughter…wait for it…now.

You guys get me for a whole week this time. Of course, there’s not a lot of toy news to discuss, it being the week after SDCC, but Poe has another ‘5 Questions’ up, and I’ll tackle next Tuesday’s Odds ‘n Ends. Other than that, we’ve got a wide open schedule. So, tell me. Anything you’d like to discuss? Any opinions on Hasbro’s announcements for the Marvel Legends line last week? Ooh, here’s a good one that always pulls a lot of answers: What new character (I.E., one that hasn’t been done in ML-scale before) would you like to see most in the ML line?

Here’s mine.

I know we’ve seen a LOT of green lately, but there’s just something so…cool about a humanoid pteronodon. I’d have customized one already if that DCSH Man-Bat exclusive weren’t so expensive. My second choice, in light of the Guardian announcement, would be more Alpha Flight figures–Sasquatch is lonely.

What about you guys? Any picks? Hasbro’s announced quite a bit in the next few months, but there’s still a lot more they can do with the line.


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  1. @Pete: An MC2 line of figures, I do have Stinger, American Dream, and Wild Thing to go with my Spider-Girl, sadly 5 inch and slightly under articulated for my taste.

    But I could totally see a MC2 Peter Parker with interchangeable SM costume parts. A "Goblin Glider" depowered Spider-Girl. The all new Tarantula (man is that dude HUGE). A Phil Urich Green Goblin. The Ladyhawks, Darkdevil is a must, and of course American Dream.

  2. …but it's me that's back…and I live in Washington.

  3. Glad to see your back!!! I enjoy reading your columns more than I would care to admit (and being an a transplanted Bostonian, well, Cantabridgean actually, it's like a taste of home.

    I hope you'll do some objective coverage on the soon-to-be-booming 3 3/4" Superhero lines from both Mattel and Hasbro. Of course, I'm hardly objective, being the admin of a new Forum exclusively devoted to these little buggers (the Miniheroes Zone).

    Glad you're back… and take a walk through the Common and Newbury St. for me!!

  4. jimm

    Ben Reilly Spidey looks great, as do the army builders, and a few others. Sauron and Dormmamu would be a couple I'd like.

  5. plain_sliced

    i'm stoked about the clasic iron man & stealth version. nice. i'm not feeling the heroes reborn iron man. lookstoo much like the thorbuster suit as if drawn by whilce portacio. nothing elsereally floatted my boat from marvel.

  6. More posts!

  7. @Esbat: Good call on the Spider-Girl, though that does open up the MC2 line, and thus a whole new section of figures that need to be made.

    @DavetheBrave: Who doesn't want Iron Man with smokestacks? 😉

    Really, though, I agree with you. Classic IM, even though we've already had a figure of him, is great. And, frankly, this version is much more appealing to me than the previous. HR IM? I'll get him, I know I will, and I'll crack a few jokes at his expense, but unless someone springs for the HR FF box set for me (I don't care about it enough to buy it myself) from a few years back, he'll end up in the bottom of the toybox.

    I agree with you on not caring much about the new FF two packs (though I do have one of them already). The Sue is a nice update, but the rest…meh.

    I like your vote for Winter Soldier! I'd also like to see a Bucky-as-Cap figure.

    @captainzero: I've always thought that a Timely Comics-era box set would be brilliant. I really hope something like that gets made–it would actually make a great online exclusive–something a lot of fans aren't really going to care too much about, but that some of us would go absolutely rabid for.

  8. captainzero

    Yea, … a better Red Skull would be nice.

    Heck, I'd like him in his green jumpsuit, with a German Luger as an assessory.

    I would like to see a few of the Golden Age Timely heroes…. but I don't suppose that would be possible.

    Guys like: The DESTROYER(Stan's first hero), a Simon and Kirby THE VISION, The ANGEL, a better Namor– maybe more Everett-1950-ish like.

    A good Golden Age HUMAN TORCH and TORO–


    you know,… some of the heroes many fans have forgotten.

    Even a couple of the Twelve would be neat.

  9. DavetheBrave

    I was very pleased by Hasbro's comic-con showing. They seem to have finally settled on an articulation style (Toybiz style without fingers and toes) and continue to show their advantage in character selection. The classic Iron Man figure absolutely made my day. I'm also stoked at the Crossbones and Guardian news. I also hope the Ben Reilly Spidey will pave the way for a Scarlet Spider at some point.

    Still, there was a couple duds. Did ANYONE want an Ultimate War Machine? Anyone? How about a Heroes Reborn Iron Man (although, as opposed to the UWM, he looks quite well done.) I have to give it to Hasbro for going through with their new Fantastic Four by way of the two packs, but did anybody really want a new one after last years?

    I like how two packs seem to be the future though. Aside from a Foom-Sized Surtur or Lockjaw, I can't really think of any more worthwhile BAFs, and the two packs give us alternate heads and hands, which go a long way to adding to the poseability options of a figure, and are near the top of the best accessories for action figures.

    Figures I'd like to see? Aside from the inevitable Winter Soldier, I've long clamored for asgardians (Odin, Warriors Three, Balder, classic Loki.) Two pack those guys, so we can get classic Balder with a Walt Simonson head, a Kirby Loki head and a WS Loki head, Odin helmeted and unhelmeted, and the list goes on. Still, my number one most wanted figure? Baron Helmut Zemo. Close behind him is the Swordsman (put him in a two pack with alternate bald head!) Also, we are in dire need of a better Red Skull.

  10. I concur on Paul's rule-age.

    That being said, I want a Spider-Girl figure. I have the 5 inch one, its SO close to being in scale with Marvel Legends being that she is so tiny in the comics but damn if X-23 towers over her like no tomorrow.

    Also I want a TFUC Arcee. Really bad. Like 96 hour constant erection bad.

    I want both of these figures so bad I'm customizing them. Spider-Girl is being done up out of a mishmash of Urban Legends boxed Set Spidey limbs and Wasp's body and Head. While Arcee is an abomination I'm creating out of Gundam Model armor pieces and a White Queen ML.

  11. A good Electro figure would actually be a great choice, if the Spider-Man lines weren't always monopolizing Spidey villains and giving them action features. *glares at SMC*

    That said, I really like that Venom III they had at SDCC…

  12. I had to really think about it: I would like to see that Valkyrie (sp?) one of these days, but aside from stuff allegedly coming out, I think I want Machine Man, X-51, cranky Aaron Stack. Old school or Nextwave, either way.

    Or, a box set of longtime Fantastic Four punching bags the Frightful Four! The Wingless Wizard! Trapster, aka Paste-Pot Pete! The Sandman! And a fourth draft pick to be named later! (One of my first comics had Electro in the fourth spot.)

  13. I'd like to talk about how much I rule.

  14. John

    To start, I'll congratulate Hasbro on the improvements (ie: better paint wash; excellent female figure compared to ToyBiz; somewhat more availability on figures) they've done in the past few lines with their Marvel Legends!! They've grown with this line and it shows!

    I hope the 6" Marvel Legends line continues!! Hopefully Hasbro can see there's a target for both children [who can fit their small 3 3/4" figures in their pockets] and collectors [6" Marvel Legends] AND those who buy both. Toys aren't just for kids!! If they need proof, just look at their Star Wars & GI Joe lines which have been ongoing for yearsssss with little support from either movie or tv show … for those who argue that Star Wars is king, ok/whatever, but Marvel has been pumping out movies + cartoons every year for a few years (and comics too).

    I'm all for buying from their website/direct market IF it means I can get more obscure characters. I would really love if they'd make DARKHAWK, the proposed VALKERIE, NIGHTHAWK from the Defenders, SAURON and teams (Thunderbolts; Avengers Initiative; New Warriors) and the list goes onnnnnnnn.


    PS: And here I would've shelled out tons of money if they'd make Star Wars and/or GI Joe in Marvel Legends-style. *sigh*

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