Weekend gab post

Today’s my bachelor party, and we’re starting off with an Imax showing of The Dark Knight. After that, I have no idea what the plans are…but don’t expect any more updates this weekend.

Incidentally, Pete of Fanwank gets married this weekend, so let’s all wish him the best!

In the meantime, feel free to use the comments below as a discussion thread. I recommend holding off on the Dark Knight talk until my post on it next week, so let me give you some topics:


Movie Masters Batman Begins Batman and Scarecrow


No news is…not news


  1. Congrats Pete!!!

  2. Poe

    @Pete–Congrats again!

    @OP–I did survive, though survival was not guaranteed…it was a good time.

    @Tom-Tom–It looks like he'll be pretty large, judging from the size of the torso in the Union Jack package. At least as big as Face Off Hulk, which is my ideal Hulk size.

    This may be the first complete wave of ML I buy since…ever?

  3. the only thing that worries me about red hulk is how big is he gonna be?

  4. orionpax636

    @Poe: I hope you survive your bachelor party. I like this site.

    @Pete: Congratulations on the hitchin'!

    Regarding Halo Points, I'm happy that we're actually getting something (so many points programs failed for other lines), and kinda hyped that I might be able to afford a blue Recon set. I do wish they'd just give us whole figures to go with it, though.

    I'm very happy about the Target exclusive wave. A bunch of re-paints, mods and re-uses, but all still well done. That black Spidey use of that base body should have been used ages ago, and it looks great. The Red Hulk BAF looks best of all!

  5. It's truth. I am a married man now.

  6. so wait, the katana comes out of the scabbard? sweet!

  7. jimm

    Dang work site blocker!! grr!!

  8. I saw those pics, and they look fantastic. I'm definitely getting Black Costume Spidey, and yellow Wolverine (they still havent stated which is the variant, though judging by the packaging, my money's on black), and maybe the rest depending on how much i like the red hulk pieces w/ those two.

    so there are finally rewards for getting the figures? ill admit, mcfarlane is more willing to give Recon armor than Bungie.

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