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ODD: Sorry for the late O&E–believe it or not, I clean forgot about it this week until after I’d spent two hours working on the King Grayskull review.

Speaking of which, that seems to have gone over well, so I think I’ll make the “It Figures” a regular weekly feature (probably on Thursdays). I’ll keep the “Inside the Actors Studio”-style format, and in general I’ll try to review new figures, though I’m sure some old favorites will sneak in there too. For next week, though, it will be a choice between the NECA Mousers exclusive, the Hulk Legends Wendigo, and a round-robin DCUC Wave 3. Which would you like to see?

END: I’ll write more about this in a later post, but the case of DCUC Wave 3 figures I received have a surprising amount of quality control problems. I’ve been inordinately lucky, QC-wise, with most of my online orders over the years. Not so this time.

Hal Jordan’s chest emblem is off-center, Solomon Grundy’s right arm has a gap at the bicep, and the tab holding Deathstroke’s scabbard was glued in wrong, requiring twenty minutes of painstaking Dremel work before the sword would slide in. But the most egregious crime is that my Sinestro Corps Sinestro’s chest emblem is smeared. It looks awful. My Robin and Nightwing are fine; however, it’s been reported that many Robins have an over-sized right hand (possibly from a larger figure, like Black Manta), so watch out for that.

After all the discussion on this site over the last few months, it seems I have to eat a little humble pie when it comes to ordering online. If I’d seen these in a store, I would have passed up Sinestro and Hal Jordan, or at least tried to find ones with better paint jobs.

ODD: October will be here in just a couple scant months, and that means Halloween Month here at PGPoA. If you have any Halloween- or horror-themed ideas or requests for posts, let me know.

END: I forgot to mention–congratulations to Dwaltrip for winning the second “Everybody into the Pool” DCUC contest! With his pick of July 31, he came closest to the actual arrival date of my DCUC3 case.

I’ll put up the contest for DCUC Wave 4 very soon…


It Figures > King Grayskull


The Original Terminator


  1. JPL

    Maybe for a future article in October you can profile characters from horror films who still don't have an action figure yet? I'm still waiting for someone to get on the ball and make a Leslie Vernon toy.

  2. Chuck20

    My DCUC 3 have all been pretty damn good thus far, a little paint smudge on GL's ring, but thats incredibly nitpicky. and a stray black mark on the side of classic sinestro's head, but overally, very nice. Hopefully my deathstroke will be just as good. (come on priority mail!) I did get mine at stores so i got a chance to give each figure a once over before hurredly grabbing it and shouting with glee.

    oh and i'd love to see a DCUC3 robin review in the KGS style.

  3. Poe

    @Tom-Tom: Very carefully. Seriously though, it wasn't hard–just put the whippy stand on first, then slid the Batmobile glider over it.

  4. Wow… that is horrible paint smudgyness. Glad I shop brick and mortar. Although I've gotten screwed on my last trade via beat up "used" BAF parts.

  5. Chris

    DCUC Wave 3 has the best character selection but the WORST production …quality wise…they are HORRIBLE!

    Paint smudges, plasticy, toyish, cheap looking, smaller scale…GL is actually smaller than Batman…so is Deathstroke.

    AND they're more expensive! CRAP Mattel!

    Hope your listening! Pure Crap!

    Mattel seems to be making figures slightly smaller because of increaseing oil prices perhaps. It's just frustrating.

  6. I vote Mousers; Crawford just reviewed the DC crap, and a lot of people are curious as to how articulated the Mousers are going to be.

  7. about the nightwing pic- gow did you fit both the wippy superpose grip and the glider's grip in the same area?

  8. Battle damage!

    …or something.

  9. outburst

    Rats, just ordered DCUC3 online… I'll keep my fingers crossed.

  10. the figures dont look so bad in the flickr pics.

  11. Ooh, I read this about 15 minutes before I went out looking for GL. Luckily, the first one I found turned out pretty well.

    I reckon you probably have 31 or so horror figures, right? How about each day one gets bumped off by the next day's victim, until you get to the winner on Halloween? Yeah, that's not labor-intensive or anything.

  12. Yeah, if every killing had actually had a Halloween theme it would have made much more sense.

  13. Poe

    See, I never really thought that made much sense as a "Long Halloween." More like "a regular-length year that begins and ends on October 31." And I still think there should have been a Flag Day murder.

  14. I have a Halloween idea: How about, on Halloween, we kill a member of a mob family. Then, on every consecutive major holiday, we kill another one, for a whole year.

    What, too kitschy?

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