Prince Adam mock-up

I mocked up this MOTUC Prince Adam using a He-Man photo from…and, well…he looks like Prince Adam. That’s about all there is to say.

And yes, I want him to come with the purple sword.


It Figures > DC Universe Classics Wave 3


Poe’s Figure Hall of Fame > Brown Costume Wolverine


  1. Mark

    Thanks Poe, it will try and check them out when I get chance.

  2. Poe

    "I have never read the 2002 series comics, can anyone recommend any specific issues?"

    In my opinion, the best issues were the original miniseries, The Shard of Darkness, and the "Icons of Evil" one-shots (especially the one with Beast-Man).

  3. Mark

    Excellent mock up by the way.

  4. Mark

    I have never read the 2002 series comics, can anyone recommend any specific issues? I also liked the 2002 Adam, as he was vastly different from He-Man. I love this new Classics line so much I have given up my Transformers collecting indeffinently (hoping there 25th Anniverary line next year will be great)and I have sold off other collctions as I plan on collecting these and some G.I. Joes. How great would it be if they did some Classics of Bravestarr and got the right to produce Thunderctas and Dundeonsand Dragons toys…wishful thinking…but then I suppose there is the CGI Thundercats movie coming out next year so hopefully Mattel get the rights to it.

  5. Mark

    Totally agree. Adam needs the purple sword, he may have an extreme resemblance to He-Man but his excuse can always be…'I couldn't be He-Man because my sword is purple'. Saying that I hope Skeletor also comes with his Purple sword and maybe an axe.

  6. I'm a big fan of the 200x series, but its over and done with. I think the MOTU CLASSICS is putting a nostalgic twist on the old figures updating them and giving them today's articulation and detail.

    It would be very disappointing if they release Prince Adam and don't give him his classic trademark purple tights and pink sword.

    Also, here's hoping for the Teela/Evil-Lyn figures to be the same! 😉

  7. But really, how much can you do with characters named “Clawful” and “Two-Bad”?

    Too true, heh-heh.

  8. Poe

    Oh, I did too; I liked a lot of things about the 2002 line and its designs. The 2002 revamp did the best job it could of maturing the license and the concept. The comics were particularly good. But really, how much can you do with characters named "Clawful" and "Two-Bad"?

    I just like this new line more. It's a combination of things–the chunkier feel of the toys, the greater articulation, the greater adherence to the original designs.

    Call it Autobot Asphyxiation if you like, but I love the King Grayskull figure, and can't wait for the rest of this line.

  9. I for one really admired the sculpt and design of the 2002 series version of Adam; I like that he didn't already look like the most powerful man in the universe in his guise as an ineffectual prince.

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