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Ever the diligent blogger that he is, Poe shot me an email from his wedding vacation this morning asking me to share the following message from Corner Store Comics with you:

Just a friendly reminder that our huge SOTA Street Fighter is currently scheduled to kick off on Saturday morning (August 2nd) at approximately 10am PST.

We’ve got nearly 1500 Street Fighter action figures spanning Series 1 through Series 4, including many rare Variants and other and hard-to-find pieces. Some figures will start as low as only $3.00 each.

While you are taking advantage of our SOTA Street Fighter Super Sale, take a look at the upcoming Street Fighter Revolutions action figures, including our Exclusive Metal Zangieff! There is still time to get your pre-order in for a full set of figures, our Zangief, and the Blue Dhalism and Turbo E Honda variants as well. The current expected arrival date for all these figures is late August.

Great news! Our Limited Edition Green Variant Vega Mixed Media Statue by Pop Culture Shock Collectibles sold out in less than eight hours. We are still accepting a couple more Wait List orders, in case any of the existing orders are not completed as anticipated.

These are some crazy prices for 6″ scale figures–if I weren’t flat broke, I wouldn’t have even told you. MINE! ALL MINE!

Yeah, I know. I’m a jerk like that.


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  1. w00t 3 dollar Cammys and Chun Li's! MINE!

  2. I don't think you're supposed to poop on the sponsor.

  3. plain_sliced

    these wasn't anything 'oooo.' not even for fodder. the prices were not that great, even now. the selection is not WOW. i could have picked up cheaper stuff on amazon.

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