It amuses me to have such a portentous title about, well, really nothing.

Sideshow has listed Medicom’s RAH DBZ Piccolo up for sale. As a closet DBZ fan (shutup), I gotta say…he looks cool. Really cool. I wish there were a line of 6″ scale DBZ figures with ML or DCUC level articulation. SOTA would do a great job, I think…look at their Street Fighter figures. Then I could do entire Fanwank strips of two DBZ characters grunting at each other while they power up! That’s like a month’s worth of strips, right there!

I’m a genius.

Oh, and it’s not really toy-related, but for a fun little time-waster, Sea of Green, author of the Hoosier Journal of Inanity, linked to Fábrica de Heróis! earlier this week, which is a cool little hero generator that allows you to build characters in the DCAU style. The page is entirely in Portuguese, but the creator is at the bottom, and is pretty self-explanatory once you click that ‘Criar!’ button.

That’s all I got today. Have fun!


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  1. Nice link… I need to make some "cough" heroes.

  2. Ryan Aston

    "I wish there were a line of 6″ scale DBZ figures with ML or DCUC level articulation."

    There is – I forget the name of them, but I've got Goku and Vegeta from the line, and they're awesome, from a Japanese company – very well sculpted and uber-articulated with lots of alternative hands and clothes and stuff. Awesome. As for DBZ as a guilty pleasure, bugger that – my review of the first season is here…

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