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ODD: DCUC Series 4 has been found at both Meijers and Wal-Mart…but hasn’t hit CornerStoreComics yet. Still, it’s looking good for those of you who picked earlier rather than later dates in the pool. Unfortunately, it looks like Series 6 will be the last one I can do the contest with (Series 5 is the Wal-Mart exclusive one), given the crazy case packs for Series 7 on.

END: I went off a bit on OAFE’s message boards over yo go re‘s comments on the MOTUC line. I’m planning to write a more comprehensive Poe’s Point on the line at some point. I’m curious to know what others think.

ODD: I’ve got a backlog of posts I want to write, but I’ve been busy at home and, y’know, my real job lately. I’ll try to get back into the swing of things this week.

END: Topless Robot pointed out some cool zombie toys done in the style of the old M.U.S.C.L.E. figures from the ’80s. Check ’em out. (October Toys? Sounds like my kind of company.) But where are the pink ones?


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  1. Poe

    @Eric: You can read all about them right here.

  2. Eric Santo

    thanks poe..im a happy man right now

    i hope your case comes in soon…your pics of slade are tough , can't wait to see what you do with the new series

    i was curious about the flying bases you use on gl and sinestro , where did they come from?

  3. I don't understand why there is such a backlash towards the MOTUC line. I personally think they are GREAT. I look at the updated Skeletor and Mer-Man and the others and I wish I had those figures as a child.

    I loved the 2002 line. It was great, and gave us realistic updates of these goofball characters. I am one of the fortunate ones who actually managed to collect all of them in retail, and I didn't have to pay a mint to get them from scalpers online. With the exception of Faker, Moss Man, and Keldor I have everything from the line, but since those weren't retail, I don't count those as much. As far as the STACTIONS are concerned, I enjoyed collecting those, and have most of them, except for Randor and Sorcoress.

    Most of the STACTIONS I bought from LCS so I was paying upwards of $25 for them. All that for a statue with no articulation. I enjoyed that line, and while I didn't get statues of Gwildor, Ninjor or Bow, I'm not going to cry about that. I'm looking forward to the new line of Classics. As I said before, I think these figures look great!

    Am I happy about the $20 price point? Well, sure I'd much rather pay $12. However, MOTUC is targeted towards a VERY SPECIFIC market, and I just happen to be their target audience. With a toy line like DCUC, at least the toys are on shelves, and yes, might actually be bought for an actual child, and I'm not talking about a thirty year old child who goes on the Internet and cries because he doesn't particularly like something about it. I'm talking about a kid, which is what most of us were when we originally played with these damn things twenty plus years ago. Kids are who 99.999% of most toys are made for, but by making this a collector oriented line, Mattel is cutting off that entire market. They is in this game to make money. We're in this game looking for a dose of nostalgia and some cool toys to place on our mantel. Mattel doesn't have to do this, but they've seen there is still a lot of passion for Masters of the Universe. The STACTION line went on for as long as it did because of the fans, we went out and paid good money for inarticulate hunks of plastic.

    With the economy in a recession and major bank lenders putting their hands out to the government for handouts, who knows in a few months if I'll even be able to afford this. However, I for one plan to get at the very least the basic figures, and should the line continue, I may or may not go completist.

    I think I've said enough for now…

    Bring 'em on!

  4. Poe

    @Eric: Congrats, man. I've got mine on preorder from CSC, so I'm at the whim of whenever they get their shipment.

    Though if I see a Captain Atom, I may pick him up, just in case I get the gold one in my case…but ah, who am I kidding? We in Massachusetts see this stuff at retail dead last.

  5. Eric Santo

    my fiancee suprised me with wonder woman , cyborg , ares & batman beyond…no cap

    wal-mart supercenter in aberdeen maryland

    as for q.c. – batman has a crooked belt and w.w. has a little mark on her face but nothing too noticable….i am so juiced

    still 2 more b.b.'s left on the shelf she says

  6. MOTU Classics:


    …that's all I've got.

  7. Backlog? Damn I'm running on empty!

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