Ask Matty > October 15 Edition

POE: Now that is here, is there any chance we might see a Halloween or holiday-themed figure or repaint exclusives at some point (DCUC, JLU, MOTUC etc.)?

MATTY: That is a cool idea, but nothing is planned right now to tie into any specific holidays. It is a bit tough to do that since most fans want a traditional version of Superman. If there is enough demand for Batman with a jack-o-lantern and Superman with a Santa hat we could certainly look into it (but honestly, we’d rather spend the tooling dollars on all new characters).

Any new estimate on when the Target-exclusive Movie Masters 6″ Batpod will start showing up?

It should be on sale any week now.

Which DCUC figure has been the toughest to make, from a production standpoint (sculpting, casting, tooling etc.)?

Wonder Woman has been the greatest challenge thus far. Everyone involved worked hard to create a perfect representation of the most iconic heroine in the DCU (and probably the world)- a terrific (and daunting!) challenge! Male characters are always easier than females because of the subtleties involved, but Wonder Woman took things to a new level. The Four Horsemen captured the perfect balance of beauty and strength in their sculpt, crafting one of the very best (if not THE best) female heads ever. Special attention was paid to get the hair just right. The face paint was revised multiple times to make sure that Diana’s face wasn’t overly made- up, but instead captures the subtlety of the paint master. The final result is a figure that we hope fans will look at and not think “that’s a great toy of Wonder Woman” but instead “that’s a great Wonder Woman”!

Will the bases coming with some future DCUC figures be simple stands, or will they be sculpted?

The bases are not sculpted. They are the same cool bases you can buy in bulk on in November.

A purely personal question–does anyone at Mattel remember the Krusher toy from back in the ’70s? It was one of my childhood favorites…

Sure! It actually came out in 1980. Here is a picture from our catalogue.


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  1. stonehd

    Krusher — I'd have never remembered that name, but I loved him and kept mine through the years. It's likely still in my attic, although it lost its ability to keep a seal long ago. Nice to know that, when I find him, he'll have a name again.

    Thanks for the memories.

  2. Christopher

    Poe! Know any good bases for The Flash figure?

  3. Chris

    @Poe: Great question about the stands whether they are sculpted or regular stands.

    @ Mattel's response: The bases are not sculpted. They are the same cool bases you can buy in bulk on in November.

    That is SOOOOOO LAME. I was really wanted some sculpted bases for the A listers. I would've bought multiples just for the Sculpted bases to use on the other figures as well.

    I think it would be EXTREMELY LAME if Flash didn't have a sculpted running motion energy lightning base or something.

    Oh well.

  4. Poe

    Yeah, I tend to stay away from release dates and specific character requests and such. That information will be released on their own schedule, and while I hope to get an exclusive from them someday, it's probably not going to happen in a standard Q&A.

  5. Newt

    My brother and I had an INCREDIBLE discussion about Krusher last year and a debate on if it even really existed. My brother has some fascinating memories of toys from the late 70's-early 80's that thankfully pot didn't smoke away.

    I researched Krusher and found out a lot about him. Novel idea really and worked at the time.

    Stretch Armstrong had a revival in the 90's if I recall correctly.

    Nice Q & A as you didn't ask for any specifics on release dates and some such BS, but just sorta picked their brain a bit.

  6. captainzero

    Yes, thanks Mattel for giving us a great line of action figures. Wonder Woman is great… as is Aquaman, …and Green Lantern…. and all the rest. Nice job.

    We hope sales are going well … and the line is strong.

    The 4Horsemen are doing a great job…as is Mattel …at giving us the best action figures …ever. (IMHO!!)

  7. Chris

    I just want Scott to know that Wonder Woman is my favorite piece of the DCUC line!

    I love the engineering that went to making her leg joints. Its not like Harley or Batgirl where you see the cut on the outter upper thigh.

    Perfect Perfect balance of beauty and strength! GOOD JOB!

    It actually comes to a tie with Aquaman's face sculpt I really like how they really really take extra care for the A listers!

    Green lantern's not on the same level as WOnderwoman or Aquaman but still he's a great figure!

    Thanks Mattel!

  8. Poe

    I don't think Krusher or Gre-Gory are terribly different from a lot of younger kids' toys these days, like Max Steel and Stretch Armstrong, both of whom are still around…I think…

  9. Guapo

    where are the new JLU six packs???

  10. TSR

    Never heard of Krusher or Gre-Gory (but I was probably a little too young for them at the time). Can't really imagine those in today's market!

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