Huge sale at CornerStoreComics/AmazingToys

Just passing along some news from my good friends at CornerStoreComics / AmazingToyz. –Poe

CornerStoreComics & AmazingToyz THE LAST HURRAH SALE!

It’s the end of an era… two actually. After a (mostly) successful test of our long-awaited new website, the time has come to put the old ones to bed.

In an effort to minimize the amount of product we have to inventory before we launch the new web store (currently scheduled for November 3rd), we’ve decided to go all out and gut the warehouse of as much product as possible. Our lives get a little easier, and you get some absolutely insane deals on some of the coolest products around.

At first we thought, “Easy. We’ll just have a big sale.” But then, after putting hundreds of items on Sale/Clearance across both sites, we had an even better idea: “Let’s give ’em another 15% off on top of that!” If that wasn’t enough, we also decided to give FREE USA SHIPPING* on a select bunch of our biggest, heaviest items too! That’s a LOT of savings! Here’s the scoop…

The coupon code is HURRAH

This coupon is good for an additional 15% off EVERY SINGLE “IN STOCK” ITEM available on both sites. New stuff, old stuff, and yes, even stuff that is already ON SALE/CLEARANCE!

It is NOT valid for Pre-Orders, Backorders, or Special Orders. Also, it cannot be applied to orders placed prior to the start of this promotion. The discount only applies to the actual merchandise, and therefore it does not apply to any applicable shipping costs.

Please be sure to read the “Rule of Engagement” before placing any orders.

Okay, one last offer to sweeten the pot even more: ANYONE THAT SPENDS $300 on “IN STOCK” merchandise (not including shipping) will receive an additional 10% COUPON CODE for the NEW SITE LAUNCH by email once we have finished processing your order. This COUPON CODE will be good for both “In Stock” AND “Pre-Order” merchandise.


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  1. Tom-Tom

    The no shipping thing is on big stuff only. I got an MS Hulk, and I can't wait for him to arrive.

  2. Poe

    Scott–I’m pretty sure there is, so read carefully…or email them first.

  3. Scott

    I just want to make sure: If they don't mention tax or shipping on the checkout page does that mean there isn't any?

  4. Tom-Tom

    I love the words “Free Shipping”. Oh, and the link to CSC at the bottom is broken.

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