Me, Masterpiece Grimlock, KING!

No pictures yet, but apparently the long-rumored Masterpiece Grimlock is real and will be eating up $150 of my hard-earned cash come next spring. (For those of you who don’t know, G1 Grimlock is my favorite toy of all time.) Here’s hoping this isn’t just the latest round of rumor-mongering.

Now I just have to figure out how to justify the expense to DMG…


Odds ‘n Ends > The New Blood


Review > Predator (AvP: Requiem, NECA)


  1. Here's a first look at MP Grimlock as well as a few other surprises…

  2. the words "dinosaur" "robot" and "transformer" aren't enough for DMG? if MP Grimlock is anything to the standards of its predecessors, its going to be one hell of a toy! 😉 i'm gonna start saving NOW.


  3. orionpax636

    Every now and then, there comes something worth the sacrifice. To me, this is one of them.

    I'm still considering pre-ordering that insane Hot Toys Iron Man…

  4. Poe

    That would be one heck of an Easter gift…as it is, I may have to pass it off as a late combination Christmas/birthday gift to myself.

  5. Mumma Ghostal

    Aw…too bad you're all grown-up now,this would have been AWESOME in the center of your Easter basket!!

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