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Drawing of the Sword by TCM Hitchhiker

Poe’s note: For some reason, this picture made me think of the Magic: The Gathering card Ernham Djinn. Go figure. Anyway, amazing work here by TCM Hitchhiker. I love the intensity of color.


Review > Artemis (DC Universe Classics)


News round-up, 11/22/08


  1. jimm

    Traded for a set of these. Was never a turtle fan, but these are toy line of the year. Great articulation without harming the sculpt, just great figs!

  2. Mark

    Thanks, Raphael is a bit hard to here in the UK, I can get the others though. Probably Michaelangelo (those nunchucks look brilliant) or Leonardo.

  3. Wes

    I totally need to know what camera/settings were used to take that photo! It's… brilliant.

  4. Either what Monte said… or go with Leo, cuz he's just all full of awesome!

  5. May as well get Raphael; as a stand-alone figure, he's the only one who would make sense with a red bandana. 🙂

  6. Mark

    Hi Monte. Thanks for the info and links. I think I will just get one to display, then if I really like it I'll get the others…now I just need to decide what one to get.

  7. I tried, and while they can bust out with a reasonable cross-legged meditation pose, the tail and the plastron combine to make a natural sitting position an awkward prospect, at best.

  8. Huh, not sure what HTML to use here at the PoA. Try this:


    Meantime, I'll go try some sittin' poses.

  9. Mark, I know for sure they can convincingly lay down:

    [IMG ]http://i189.photobucket.com/albums/z58/MonteWilliams/IMG_5700.jpg[/IMG]

    But while I hope they can sit ('cause I wanna get a van for mine), I haven't tried it yet; the plastron might hinder that pose a bit.)

  10. Mark

    Before I buy the NECA Turtle, one question about the leg articulation, can the egs move forward to put them in a sitting postition? As all the pics I have seen there legs are seperated but not posed forward.

  11. Mark

    @ Really big thank you to PrfktTear for helping push me to get one of these Turtles and the MOTU Stactions.

  12. Mark

    I mainly collect Transformers, MOTU and G.I. Joe but by the odd other thing. I mlike the option of putting them in deifferent poses…but I will buy some Stactions as they are excellent looking, especially Grizzlor. The 4H sculpt work is amazing, I still think there Beastman figure is one of the best sculpted toys ever.

  13. Well, I guess it all depend on why you buy toys. Do you buy them to play/fiddle/toy/tinker, etc.? If you are and that is a big part of your toybuying reasons, then the MOTU stactions might not be a good idea for you. However, at the end of the day, if you like to put 'em back on the shelf or wherever you keep 'em to admire the detail and craftsmanship of the 4H, then its worth it.


  14. Damn. I wish I could have taken that photo.

  15. Mark

    They do, they look great, but I am trying to save some money LOL. Of all the Turtles since the originals they look the best. The biggest thing holding me back on the MOTU stactions is the fact there not articulated…but they look excellent. Also interested in the Seventh Kingdom action figures, no idea about their background I just think hey are cool.

  16. @Mark – "talk you into it"? don't they pretty much speak for themselves!? 😉

  17. Mark

    Excellent photo. I am tempted to get one of the NECA Turtles, could some one talk me into it…and the MOTU stactions.

  18. Man, now I wanna go home and play some M:tG.

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