Christmas Haul

And now, it’s time for the annual post-Christmas tradition of all collectors–the showing-off of the haul.


My big present this year, from Dr. Mrs. Ghostal (DMG), was the Masters of the Universe Classics He-Man and Beast Man. I’ll be doing a thorough review of these, in my own inimitable style, next week, but here’s a pic just to verify that I did indeed get them.


Next we have some books from the parents-in-law. I’ve been hankering for that Sam & Max collection forever, and now I can finally stop reading the reference copy of The DC Universe Comics at work. The other book, The Doll Brokers, I initially came across in a blog post by Richard Gottlieb–it looks very interesting.


DMG also got me some DVDs, thanks to Target’s ridiculously cheap Black Friday sales. Now I can finally stop borrowing Red Kryptonite’s copy of Goonies.


Stockings are a big deal in DMG’s family, so I got quite a haul from mine. In fact, the DVDs above were part of it. Here we have some of the more traditional things you’d expect to find in your stocking–Pez dispensers, playing cards, Red Sox pens, miniature towels bearing the likeness of Yoda, and novelty energy drinks based on cartoons. DMG accidentally left that can of Slurm in her carry-on bag and got stopped at the airport for it. Fortunately, the guard who searched her bag recognized the show and let her keep it. (Meanwhile, she was ordering me not to look so I didn’t see it or any of my other presents.) They apparently weren’t bothered by her 9″ knitting needles, though. I spent the rest of the trip until Xmas trying to guess what it was. I knew it was something with liquid–she told me that much. My best guesses were a Psych snow globe or one of those gory squishy-brain toys.


From the “What are you trying to say, honey?” department comes these two stocking stuffers–body wash and a nosehair trimmer. (OK, I asked for the nosehair trimmer.)


I also got a Gizmo in my stocking. Thus far, I have managed not to get him wet or feed him after midnight. Midnight California time, anyway.


And here is the incredibly awesome Cthulhu scarf DMG knitted me. She did so entirely without me knowing, which is quite a feat considering how long it took. Yes, my wife knitted me a Cthulhu scarf. Feel free to comment on her awesomeness and/or my incredible good fortune in finding a mate.


As for DMG, her big gifts were a Barbie Batgirl and Harley Quinn, but she’d asked for those. I had more fun getting these stocking stuffers. The Rabbid I found randomly at Toys ‘R Us, and the Homer I picked up on a whim here in L.A. a couple of days ago. He was blind-boxed, so I lucked out with that adorable Valentine’s Day Homer. Princess Peach is a gashopon (I think?) import.

Finally, let me leave you with this. One of DMG’s gifts from her parents was this “Noggin Bops” toy, who busted a move better than any wind-up toy I’ve ever seen:

So, what’d you get?


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  1. Poe

    I am blessed with an awesome mom.

  2. jimm

    I wish my mom would blog….

  3. MummaGhostal

    Nice haul! I really didn't know what you were talking about when you told me about the scarf…so now I can fully appreciate it total awesomeness!! Got a few things tucked away for your return, but nothing as cool as the dancing snowman!!

    And since your sister doesn't read this page, please act surprised at her own can o' slurm gift, which she was very happy to find.

  4. Nice XMas haul! I am in love with my MOTUC toys. I think 4H did a fantastic job with them, and I cannot wait until I get my grubby mits on Skeletor!

    I really like the Cthulhu scarf! You can tell DMG that she did a terrific job! (Though I'm sure you already did!) Also, you will have to give us a report on how the nosehair trimmer worked out. I have the worst luck with those personal grooming devices that are supposed to trim nose and ear hair, plus sideburns and such. I think one of the things that sucks most about getting older is that hair stops growing where you WANT it to, and starts growing in all the places you DON'T want it to.

    Moving on… 😉

    Christmas was kinda light this year, but I got a few things (including the MOTUC) that I appreciate. I got a pair of slippers, or house shoes as I like to call 'em. My fun but oh-so-practical gift was a new cell phone. Its one of those things that flip and have a qwerty keyboard. Now that I've finally gotten accustomed to typing a la text message style, I can type normally. Then of course I got some shorts (in the middle of winter?), a couple of shirts, and my favorite, the traditional chocolate Santa from Gowell's Candy in Brockton.

  5. George

    My babe got me A joker shirt, ipod speakers, a cookie monster, and Wave 6 Receipt from Coner Store Comics. And from my friends i got Gears of War 2 and That Two Face Coin. And Micheal Jordan's Sweat in A Bottle (Cologne) yea his legend is rubbing off on me.

  6. takeittothemax

    I received Artemis, Modern Aquaman, Star Wars Unleashed Clone Trooper, an Ultimate Invisible Woman minibust, Metallo's left arm and Hush Commissioner Gordon. Also bought the ML Phasing Ghost Rider variant for myself, I've been wanting that since forever.

  7. All three had stuck hips. I was able to save WW and Lightray, but Orion's hips both tore, even after freezing. I did a headswap with DCUC1 Orion, though, so it's all good.

  8. Poe

    How's the QC on all your DCUC figures? My He-Man and Beast Man are fine, thankfully.

  9. I got DCUC Orion/Lightray, DCUC 4 WW (thanks Poe), TF:A Leader Bulkhead, and a book called Death From the Skies!, which is all about astronomical events that could kill the planet.

  10. Nice haul, I got:

    GI Joe Target big battle box with the Mobat.

    A black Hiss tank

    Fang/Claw set

    DCUC 2 pack Orion/Lightray

    The two newest JLU 6-packs

    Moon Knight Marvel Select figure

    And some other stuff I don't remember in addition to clothes, books and etc.

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