“Joes for Tots” contest at Toy Bender

The spirit of the season has moved PGPoA ally site Toy Bender to run one of the coolest contests in recent memory: Joes for Tots, in which you need merely donate a toy (preferably a G.I. Joe toy, but any toys are acceptable) to Toys for Tots, take a photo of yourself doing so, and email it to Paul at TB for a chance to win Fabulous Prizes™. Paul has lined up some fantastic sponsors and prizes, so if you’re the sort of person who needs motivation to get off your butt and do good deeds, now’s your chance.

Toys for Tots is reportedly having trouble getting donations this year, so I wholeheartedly encourage you to participate in the contest!


Pic of the day


Pic of the day


  1. But it was for a good cause!

  2. Esbat

    One time… one time Paul spit on my neck for charity. I cried.

  3. Hells yeah! Send entries to this Paul guy! He's awesome!

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