News round-up, 12/23/08

Merry Christmas Eve-Eve!

newspoeApologies for the lack of updates yesterday–had a busy day getting ready for our trip to Los Angeles and then actually getting to L.A. But we’re here now, I’ve got the wifi working on DMG’s laptop and it’s time for some toy news.

  • Beware knock-off Encore Metroplex Transformers (Loopy Details)
  • More Masterpiece Grimlock news and pics (TFormers)
  • G.I. Joe and Cobra 2009 5-pack images (Hisstank)
  • Hot Toys’ “Dutch” Schaefer figure from Predator confirmed (TNI) (Note to self: do NOT start collecting 12″ figures…do NOT start collecting 12″ figures…)
  • Maybe Billy too (Toy Haven)
  • Hellboy II Adventure Combat Galactic Robot Heroes BPRD Buddies (TNI)


Updates in progress…


The view from my window, part III


  1. Poe

    Six hours? I could go from Boston to Newark in less than that…not that I would want to.

  2. L.A. Hey? You know I'm only a short six hour drive away now!! HINT HINT

  3. I'm actually entertained by those BPRD Buddies. I can see myself picking up the set.

  4. Cade

    Man Dutch and Billy sure are making me think about buying some 12inch figs..I just know if I did, I'd start making my own clothes for themn.

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