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  • OK, I’ve got like three entries into my Odds ‘n Ends contest. Again, I’ve changed the rules so it’s just the person who correctly identifies the mosts items from the photo above–you don’t have to name them all to win, just the most. I’ll pick a random winner in the event of a tie. Now email me that list!
  • Incidentally, don’t forget to donate to your local Toys for Tots and take a photo of yourself doing it, so you can enter Toy Bender‘s Joes for Tots contest for way-awesome prizes. Why not hit one of those KB Toys going-out-of-business sales? Their loss is less fortunate children’s gain!
  • I watched A Miser Brothers’ Christmas over the weekend, and you know what? It was good! For one thing, it was so refreshing to see actual stop-motion animation, rather than the CGI they’ve tried to use for these Rankin-Bass sequels over the last few years. The characterization of the Misers was dead-on, and I enjoyed their constant fraternal squabbling. The songs weren’t as catchy as those from The Year Without a Santa Claus, but it was great to have Mickey Rooney back in the sleigh as the voice of Santa. Also, the North Wind looked like the result of some bizarre genetic cross-breeding between Jay Leno and the Purple Pieman.
  • On a related topic, I’ve got a contest running over on my Snow Miser fansite. You can win one of three Miser prize packs, courtesy of ABC Family. Enter now–or y’know, after you enter my Odds ‘n Ends contest.
  • Looks like Hot Toys has finally obtained the rights to make 12″ figures of the original 1987 Predator and–could it be?–Dutch Schaefer!
  • Do any of you watch The Big Bang Theory? I thought last night’s episode was great–Sheldon’s reaction to Penny’s gift was priceless.
  • The MOTUC He-Man and Beast Man figures my wife ordered for me for Christmas still haven’t arrived at her parents’ house in Los Angeles. And they were shipped two weeks ago from Ontario, California–which is about seventy miles away. Wha-huh?
  • As implied above, Dr. Mrs. Ghostal and I will be spending the holidays at her parents’ house in LA, on the other side of the continent. However, thanks to her brand-new laptop and her parents’ wi-fi connection, I should be able to handle all my updating myself this year, so there shouldn’t be any noticeable break in your daily doses of PGPoA (except for Christmas Day, of course).


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  1. @Poe: They very well could have. I haven't been to an Omni show since early '07, so its been quite a while.

    I enjoy The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother. Two and a Half Men is also really funny, and they always surprise me as to how dirty they get, and how much they get past the censors. Aah… the power of innuendo! I also enjoy The Office, but not so much this season, I really don't know why. Lost is another favorite, and if Battlestar Galactica ever gets a chance to finish, I can die a happy man.

  2. OB1

    Big Bang is my second favorite show on right now (besides Chuck). That's only because Scrubs and Lost aren't running… yet. Anyway, Big Bang was awesome this week, but so was Chuck with its incredibly awesome Die Hard Christmas Eve tie-in. If you didn't see it, just watch the first 10 or so minutes on Hulu.

  3. Poe

    I constantly quote that opening from the Omni theater–I thought they brought it back?! "He grew up three blocks from here!"

  4. Hehe… The BJ Show… Bob Saget, filthy? I can't imagine that!

    "All I need is a healthy ovum and I can grow my own Leonard Nimoy!" greatest quote ever!

    I miss the sound check they used to do at the Omni Theatre in the Museum of Science when they'd play the recording of Nimoy reciting "Who Put the Bomp".

  5. Poe

    END: That's a weird dream, PT 😉 Here's the thing though–one of my college classmates did win Amazing Race a few years ago! It was the hippie dude named BJ. Also, he was friends with another classmates, BJ Novak, who's on The Office, and during college the two of them hosted a one-shot variety show called "The BJ Show," which featured, as the guest of honor, one Bob Saget. Who, incidentally, was incredibly filthy.

  6. ODD: I love The Big Bang Theory! I didn't get to watch last night's episode, but I DVRed it, so thats on the list for tonight! 😉

    END: That certainly is bizarre about your MOTUC figures. Mine arrived today, so I hope yours will too. I opened the box, but I'm on the fence about whether or not I want to wait until Christmas to open them, sorta recapture some of the '80s Christmas spirit! 😉

    ODD: I had a dream about you! I was at work, and Survivor was being taped there, but it was more of an Amazing Race type game, and you were in the lead. I was looking for you to help you win the million dollar prize!

  7. Thanks for the contest reminder. I need more entries, damn it!

    As a semi-related note: It's funny to see what people are willing to do for what prizes. Sometimes they don't care about something really cool and other times they go crazy over nothing.

    Thanks for the update on the Predator toys! I really hope they are actually making an Arnold and not one that kind of looks like him. They couldn't get the rights to what's his name for Alien, but still made him anyway with a completely different face.

  8. zach

    Big Bang Theory is fantastic! What happened to Leonard's Doctor girlfriend?

  9. dwaltrip

    The North Wind reminded me of "Syndrome" from The Incredibles.

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