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Time for our latest round of Ask Mattel with Mattel’s Toy Guru!

1.) How soon can we expect the MOTUC character selection to branch out beyond the 1982-1983 waves?

2010 will feature both POP and New Adventures characters. We just could not fit these figures into the first 12 due to time limitation! We do have plans to get to them in early 2010.

2.) Will Faker’s chest emblem be a sticker, or tampo?

It is a tampo. We looked at doing a sticker but it just wasn’t working out and honestly, was making the figure look cheap.

3.) At the SDCC DC panel, it was mentioned Mattel had changed vendors (i.e., factories) due to quality control problems around the time DCUC wave 4 was being produced. However, there have been a greater-than-average number of reports of QC problems with the Walmart wave and the two-packs, which were, I think, produced after the vendor switch. Wave 1 and the initial shipments of wave 2 were very good QC-wise. What are the challenges facing Mattel in solving these QC issues?

The challenges are all related to the timing between producing a figure and getting it to market. Quality will absolutely continue to improve. Here is a little bit of insight that might help. Once we receive feedback we immediately make plans to correct any errors, fix paint ops or change plastic quality. Unfortunately, unlike a newspaper which can print a retraction in one day, it can take 2 -9 months before new product is produced, shipped and then available for purchase.

We are absolutely committed to improving our product as quick as possible. In the toy world for logistic reasons this just takes some time.

4.) elvis8batman asks: “People have been a bit put out by the ‘attributes’ on the DCUC Starfire figure, as the sculpt is not as well defined as it it should be given the costume she is wearing. I know the figure uses the same parts as Harley Quinn, but in the future, will we see more accurate sculpting for such female characters that are depicted more ‘generously’ in their comics?”

We do have a certain female in the works who will have a new torso to more accurately depict this figure’s comic book proportions.

5.) Esbat asks: “I know it was said that an upcoming figure in a two-pack of the DC Universe Classics was going to be a Kryptonian, which gave me a lot of hope for a Power Girl figure, and seeing how it was Ultraman (great choice by the way) I can’t help but wonder when we’ll see other iterations of the Crime Syndicate of America?”

Yes, we will get to the rest of the Crime Syndicate in time. But not in 2009.


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  1. Megaduce Flare

    D'oh. *facepalm*

    The words "in this" should be between "think" & "case."

  2. Megaduce Flare

    Newt, I think case they mean a Tampograf.

  3. What's a tampo? I'm only familar with the term when it has an N attached to the end of it.

  4. YES! POWER GIRL WILL BE QUITE BURSTY! I'm gonna say she won't come with a BAF part due to the sheer volume of her… accessories.

    YES! My question RULES! SUCK IT, BITCHES!


    All the CSA should be fairly easy to put together as we've already had GL, Bats, Supes, Wondy, and Speed Dude coming up.

  5. Scott

    You can be pretty sure if someone brings up a DC character with "generous attributes", they're talking about Power Girl. 🙂

  6. Mark

    When are we getting Extendar and Spikor.

  7. dwaltrip

    Thanks Poe.

  8. Brainlock

    #4 = POWER GIRL???

    I seriously doubt they would get to Knockout (or redo Kory) so soon, much less totally new, 'fuller' bodies for Granny or Waller. (hinthint!)

  9. Griffin

    If that new female isn't Power Girl I'll eat my hat.

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