New Topless Robot list

I’ve got another new Daily List over at Topless Robot, in which I take Frank Miller to task for his often controversial depictions of women. For the record, my inspiration for the piece came from this Shortpacked strip.

6 Hints that Frank Miller Might Have Issues with Women


Toy review roundup (via Fanmode), 1/27/09


Toy news roundup, 1/28/09


  1. izdawiz

    Take a good look at Miller.

    If you were a frustrated lonely nerd that looked like that don't you think you'd have "problems" with women?

    Don't you think you'd be fascinated by prostitutes?

    Don't you think you'd question the motives of any female that showed the least bit of interest in you?

    His art comes from pain. Like Bukowski, ugly guys don't pull punches when it comes to their depiction of beautiful women. It's a love-hate thing.

  2. Frank Miller believes all women are either evil whores, good whores, news reporters, or just good at being whores. Also, lesbionic in some fashion.

  3. I liked the post. Good job.

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