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Guys and their gadgets by Poe Ghostal

Guys and their gadgets

Poe’s note: I’d love to read some reader captions for this pic. Here’s the one I came up with:

Skeletor: “So, you say you can get the Sox game on this thing anywhere in the universe?”

Darkseid: “Yep. And I can watch episodes of The Office too.”


Toy news roundup, 1/26/2009


What the Hawk, man?


  1. Darkseid: Oh boy!

  2. Poe

    They're all great, but I have to admit I'm particularly fond of the Quantum Leap reference, since it totally works with the scene and I didn't think of it at all. Someone should expand on it…

  3. Mumma Ghostal

    You people are so funny! I can't even pick the one that I like best…

  4. Skeletor: So now it's easier to find you than it is to find me?

    Darkseid: All part of Mattel's, err, my evil plan to kill teh line.

    Skeletor: But I was supposed to be available for all the fans of MOTUC, but I lasted only 12 days. I think that wretched He-man had something to do with this. BEASTMAN come fourth, we must rally the troops.

    Darkseid: Sorry, he's "unavailable", try the NYCC.

  5. Griffin

    Darkseid: Bones, analyze!

  6. George

    Darkseid: Hi Im a DC!

    Skeletor: And Im a MOTU

    Motherbox: And Im BATMAN!.

    apple theme***

  7. Motorthing

    Skeletor: Yeah but Man where's the soul? You don't have one of these with like a Ram's Head on top or Dragon's teeth or something…..?

    Darkseid: Peasant!

  8. Skeletor: Sam, Ziggy's working on a way to find out what you need to do to leap!

  9. Scott

    Darkseid: No, it's true! He's a grown man and he wears tights and a cape!

    Skeletor: At least he doesn't wear furry shorts.

  10. Chuck20

    In light of the news on Matty's Facebooks page, I think this is appropriate

    Darkseid: See, not even motherbox can guarantee a complete set of DCUC6 delivered right to your door. Mattel truly is the greatest force for evil in the universe.

    Skeletor: True that, I may be incredibly overpriced when shipped, but at least I'm still available.

  11. jimm

    Darkseid: The only side effect was my head shrank!

    Skeletor: I can live with that!

  12. I smell a caption contest!


  13. Tom-Tom

    Skeletor: So, what kind of songs do you have on here?

    Darkseid: Oh, you know…

    Skeletor: Are you trying to Rick-Roll me?

    Darkseid: No! Well, do you want it?

    Skeletor: You go ahead and keep that.

    Darkseid: Curses, foiled again!

  14. Mark

    Darkseid: Hurry up so we can get this recorded to put on YouTube.

    Skeletor: Wait a minute, I have to turn it on.

  15. Dead Man Walking

    Skeletor: And the worst part about this "He-Man" is that I have no idea who he really is, or where he comes from.

    Darkseid: I can relate. This one guy Superman, he must be a master of disguise or something.

  16. Griffin

    Skeletor: Stupid GPS, I told you we should have taken that left turn at Albequerque.

    Darkseid: Yeah, I've got Anthrax, Metallica…

    Skeletor: Oooh, Hannah Montana!

  17. Chuck20

    1)Skeletor: But does it play Donkey Kong?

    2) Skeletor: man, NOTHING runs on Linux anymore.

    3)Skeletor: XXX Amateur New Goddesses not included in this cable package!?! What the hell kind of evil dictator are you?!?

  18. Skeletor: The Ultimate Nulli-what now?

    Darkseid: Just point it at He-Man and it does the rest.

    Skeletor: And where did you get this again?

    Darkseid: Crossover… now does Evil-Lyn come with Snake Mountain?

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