Toy news roundup, 1/12/09


  • Mattel hints at new 6″ line, to be unveiled at New York Comic Con: “It is not Thundercats and it is not WWE (come on, how could WWE be a mystery announcement since it is public knowledge that we are doing WWE in 2010!) It is a new 6″ line and it is sculpted by the Horsemen. If that doesn’t whet your appetite we will reveal these figures at NYCC and the first figure in this line will be available at SDCC!” (My guess is it’s a Four Horsemen-created property, i.e., Seventh Kingdom or Magma CORPS.)
  • Mattel explains MOTUC continuity, reveals that She-Ra, Princess of Power figures will join line in 2010.
  • SOTA announces new statue of Nyarlathotep, one of H.P. Lovecraft’s monstrosities. There’s no pic, but the press release says, “”featuring all the horrific detail of the Messenger of the Great Old Ones,” which is interesting, since unlike Cthulhu, I don’t believe Nyarlathotep has a definitive description in HPL’s work–beyond being a “tall, swarthy man,” at one point, because he’s a shapeshifter by nature. However, most of the HPL-related media (games and so forth) depict him with a tentacle for a head, and that’s what SOTA has gone for here. (Action-Figure)
  • Wizardworld has postponed WW Los Angeles and cancelled WW Dallas. No word on when the LA show will resume, but the Chicago and Philadelphia shows will go on as planned. I’m afraid this is just an early casualty of the economy in consumer-based hobbies like comics and toys. (Action-Figure)
  • I was at a Toys ‘R Us over the weekend and was surprised to see the Art Asylum classic Kirk and Spock on the pegs, in new packaging. Am I just out of the loop on this? In any event, it’s great they’re re-releasing those.
  • TRU will give 15% discount to anyone using a KB Toys gift cards until the end of the month (TFormers)
  • Star Wars Legacy prototype pics leaked? (Potf2)


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  1. Why'd they cancel Dallas?!?! Dammit now I HAVE to go to WWC. Awesome.

  2. Wes

    2010 cannot come soon enough… SHE-RA! 🙂

  3. Rustin Parr

    DST recently signed a deal with TRU to carry their product – so far it seems to be UQS (19" figures) and classic trek. They have the "Amok Time" TOS 2-pack and "Motion Picture" 2-pack as well, and for what its worth the new carded Kirk and Spocks appear to have the new arms/forearms from the Amok Time 2-pack with the bodies, etc., from the original figures… here's hoping for more/new stuff!

  4. Mark

    I am going to hope it is Thundercats anyway. I would love some figures of the Freedom Force cartoon, Hercules, Super Samurai, Isis etc. Wowwwwww….what if its a 6" He-Man line available in the shops in 2002 styling…LOL.

  5. Motorthing

    Not bad news at all – a 4H Line (we should stop calling it Mattel and just call it 4H from now on….) and SWars protos of what looks like Jacen and Jaina Solo – you've cheered my dreary work day no end Poe so thanks.

  6. dwaltrip

    I would love to see a Magma Corps line come out!

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