Toy news roundup, 1/20/09


  • 2009’s FANtastic Exclusive: Round 1 is up! PGPoA endorses the Gargoyle!
  • First look at Playmates Star Trek figures based on the upcoming movie. WTF happened here? Kirk looks like Dwight from The Office playing dress-up. What’s even funnier is Art Asylum’s far, far superior figures based on the original show are now available at Toys R Us. (TNI)
  • Hi-res images of the Mallah’s Revenge Infinite Heroes 6-pack (TNI)
  • Better pics of the Batman/Clayface two-pack. I would be all over this set if Batman weren’t covered in goo, but I’ll have to wait for the non-muddy version. (TNI)
  • Dream Weaver Press to release Tall Tails “Silvermain” figure (AFI)
  • McFarlane Toys’ Halo Points program kicks off (
  • First look at DC Unlimited Resistance 2 figures ( — who really needs to do something about its terrible loading times)
  • 2008 Awards Central: Fwoosh,, Michael Crawford
  • DC solicits Blackest Night figures (spoilers!) (Action-figure)


The Sum of All Skeletors


Online orders of DCUC6 delayed?


  1. Tom-Tom

    I'm with you on the Gargoyle, but I'll admit I wouldn't be sad to see the WolfBat made.

  2. Well, I've always wanted an Office figure. Now we just need Pam, Jim, and Michael! 😉

  3. dwaltrip

    2009’s FANtastic Exclusive:

    dwaltrip endorses the Atrophus Form 2! 🙂

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