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  1. I liked Dark Knight, but I didn't go ape poopy over it like everyone else did.

  2. Poe

    @HN – I really enjoyed The Dark Knight, but I also understand where those who didn't like it are coming from.

    But then, I've stolidly stuck to my guns in thinking The Matrix was a bad movie. So we're all heretical nerds in some way or another.

  3. heretical nerd

    Am I the only geeky, nerdy, fanboy kind of guy out here who thought The Dark Knight was a bloated train wreck of a movie? Sure, Ledger was truly great and all… but… a.) I wonder if his amazing performance would have been noticed by Hollywood if not for his tragic death, and b.) The rest of the movie was a bombastic, overwrought, muddled mess.

    Still, it is surprising that the Oscar folks overlooked it for best picture. They usually respond to movies of its ilk – remember Titanic?

  4. Chuck20

    Honestly, 8 nominations for the Dark Knight is a pretty good number. Sure, no best picture nomination, but it wasnt just a best supporting actor nod.

  5. Motorthing

    The Bridge looks great an'all but what are you gonna put in the Captain's chair – Hellboy? Or Vader's Apprentice? That's the current standard of what's possible at mass market in this scale and those Trek abortions just ain't gonna cut it.

  6. You guys are silly. The Trek figures don't look good (Mostly because of the sweater pattern on the shirts) but the playsets look pretty awesome. The Bridge set looks incredible. If it comes out as good as it looks there, it's a must have for 3 3/4 fans.

    I like the Uni-Formz. I'd collect them. But $50?! I'd buy them for $10 or $12. At $50 they can suck it.

  7. Motorthing

    Yeah, I'll chime in and say it for you – the Trak figures are pretty bad, and coupled with their other misses should, in any fair and sensible world, disbar Playmates from ever being let near plastic, wax and cardboard ever again.

    Is there some kind of restraining order we could all club together for that would do that? I'd pony up for that public service….

    Oscars….Ledger will get the nod on emotion alone. Which isn't a great thing….

  8. Your momma taught you well. I'll say if for you, those toys look like shit.

    I don't think the Uni-Formz look that bad. At least they're going for another direction rather than trying to copy the Robot/Glactic Heroes

    The Dark Knight seems like it was left outside. The selection for Best Picture are less than exciting, Benjamin Button, Frost/Nixon, MILK, The Reader, and Slumdog Millionaire. I'm calling Slumdog for best picture.

    Robt. Downey Jr. got a nod for supporting actor in Tropic Thunder. If he wasn't going up against Ledger I'd be voting for him, cuz while the movie was a dud, he was brilliant! I sooo want Mickey Rourke to win Best Actor for The Wrestler!!! But I think they were throwing him a bone with the Golden Globe. Or maybe Skelt-Frank Langella. I don't know if I could sit through Frost/Nixon, but it looks like he did one hell of a job in that film.

  9. Rustin Parr

    Ha – RETRACT!!!

    The floor is a "play mat"… good idea to keep costs down but horribly cheap too…

    (guess I should read everything and THEN comment before clicking "post")

  10. Rustin Parr

    wow… and the bridge is only $25…! since I'm a complete slut for figures and for trek and will get these irregardless there I will definitely get it! That size for that price? Toy of the Year??? (christ i hope it gets better than that…)

  11. Rustin Parr

    Yeah… the uniformz are pretty bad. A decent idea but seemingly executed by people that don't really understand the aesthetic….

    As for Trek… very, very, very mixed reactions, just as with the movie. I don't like the bridge but it is a good playset/diorama, and the 3 3/4" figures look better in that context. Nice to see that Playmates' likenesses haven't improved much over the last 10 years. While I don't like the redesign of the Enterprise that ship came out surprisingly well and will probably go nicely with the AA/DST ones… and then there's the communicator…. i guess it not the future if it doesn't look like Apple made it…

  12. I've gotta have all six of those Michael Jackson figures! Very cute, especially the Thriller Werewolf.

    The Uni-Formz look okay but I'm not sure if I need any of them. They're just okay, not great.

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