Toy news roundup, 1/28/09


  • Skeletor is sold out. Damn, that was fast. Bodes well for MOTUC, though. (Mattycollector)
  • Go Hero is making a Commando Cody 1:6 figure, which I find interesting mostly because CC was featured in a number of Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes. Incidentally, where the hell are my MST3K figures, world?! (
  • More pics of Terminator: Salvation toys by Playmates…that thing with the treads will look great next to my 1988 Kenner Ed-260. Y’know, I feel kind of bad for picking on Playmates, since they produced the excellent and beloved TMNT line and the popular Simpsons figures, but these are inexcusable in this day and age. (
  • Diamond Select Toys’ latest Q&A. (Art Asylum)
  • Dude, this Star Wars horror novel’s cover totally ripped off my Odds ‘n Ends pic. Ha ha! Okay not really. (Topless Robot)


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  1. George

    Ok So i went to Matty and i have the DC 2 pack and Skeletor in my cart, but its weird because just yesterday i paid for just my DC 2 pack should i try buying skeletor? i really hadnt made my mind yet….

  2. Should it be? No. But when the Stones play Madison Square Garden, there are only going to be about 20,000 tickets available. In life there's a finite ammount of anything. Thats roughly what we guesstimate they're producing for MOTUC figures, most likely less. Considering this line is just getting off the ground they're essentially testing the waters. If they produced 50,000 figures and only half sold that would be a major loss. I go back to say again that they're in the business to make money. People can argue that they're contradicting this since people are willing to fork over cash for toys. But in this business, and in any business for that matter, especially in this economy, they need to be sure that their profit margins are always on top of their losses, and if that means a few hundred disgruntled fanboys I think they can live with that.

    There comes a time when you just have to say it is what it is and get over it.

    Am I doing cartwheels because of it? No. Can I live with it? Yes.

    I forget who said it, but if Mattel had just come out and said "hey, we're gonna hold a hundred back to sell at Cons" then we all could have just moved on with our lives.

    I'm sure we'll all get another chance at He-Man and Skelly in the future. They'd be fools not to offer them up again. I might be contradicting myself here, but I just hope they don't make this a common practice where every time a big con rolls around they decide mid-sales to pull stock to physically sell.

    I would highly suggest joining Matty's facebook, if for no other reason then to get updates, because they seem to be using it as one of their primary means of communication.

  3. But should toylines really be like going to see the Rolling Stones?

    I almost always fall on the side of Mattel, but I just can't on this one. Seems like some major line mismanagement.

  4. @Goam: Are you sure? I bought my Skelly on the 27th, cutting it a little close for comfort. When I logged in, lo and behold, I had a He-Man in my shopping cart still there from when I was debating whether or not to buy a second one when Matty was telling us he was selling out the first time. I added my Skeletor, and proceeded to check out and I had no hiccups. I guess the test will be on Feb 2nd when I open my package and find out if I really did get him.

    As far as buying MOTUC, I think we need to think in terms of buying concert tickets.

    I haven't been to a show in a long time, but usually whenever theres a big name coming to town that I want to see, I make sure I'm either in line or online the morning tickets go on sale. Cuz usually the longer you wait, the good tickets get bought up. Some shows sell out in a matter of minutes even.

    There's also the comparison that even when you're told they're "sold out" you know they're not, because usually they hold a few hundred seats to release at a later date, plus all of the large companies that hold tickets to give to employees, clients, etc.

  5. @Poe: What's the deal with the subscription thing? I refuse to join Matty's facebook to find out. I signed up for the damned newsletter just WRITE one already.

    Also, I agree with a lot of what you said, but I think Mattel needs to address this sooner than later. This combined with the DCIH Anti-monitor points scandle is just more bad press for Mattel. They troll around on the forums more than any other toy company, give us some sort of answer already.

    I rarely get frustrated at Mattel, but they've really ticked me off lately. I'm thinking of giving up DCUC and possibly other Mattel lines. It's just becoming too much of a hassle these days and I feel like they intend to slap me in the face at every turn.

  6. Tom-Tom

    BBTS still has Skeletor as "pre-order"

  7. Goam

    The cart trick for Skelly didn't work its look like. Think they fixed the site or caught on.

    If it real sold out then hopefully we can't get a full commeercial releases in brick and mortar for this line soon, as within a year or so. Either that or they do another reboot like the 2002 line with a supporting animated series. I'd take any kind of reboot in heartbeat over the live action film.

  8. "All that said, Mattel really should have produced more Skeletors. And part of me wonders whether this early selling out might indicate there are plans to re-solicit He-Man and Skeletor."

    Like I said way back when this stuff first came about, it would be foolish to not offer the core figures again. I can't imagine missing out on Skelator like I have and never having another opportunity to purchase him when the line is still going strong a year or two from now (if that happens). People complain about too many re-releases with G.I. Joe, but at least you have the chance to get a popular figure if you missed him the first time around.

  9. Poe

    I think Mattel is basing their plan on the idea that collectors are often impatient and will order within the first few days, if not the first few weeks. Also, I suspect Skeletor will turn out to be one of the bestselling figures of the line, if not THE bestselling figure. And the subscription service will help ensure no collector who wants one will go without a figure (though I'm curious whether you'll have to pay the whole amount up front).

    All that said, Mattel really should have produced more Skeletors. And part of me wonders whether this early selling out might indicate there are plans to re-solicit He-Man and Skeletor.

    It's also possible–just possible–that the line has been more successful than Mattel anticipated, and they're working out a retail deal.

  10. I'd prefer it if the Skeletor was sold out, that'd bode well for the line. Skeletor was only up for like 12 days.

    If they pulled him early because of the cons, I think that's disappointing. I barely got Skeletor ordered in time.

    I just feel like Mattel gave a lot of lip service in the beginning about how fans of MOTU would be able to get these figures with no problem. But less than 2 weeks?

    If you get paid every two weeks and the figure sells out in 12 days, kinda makes you screwed.

    Yes, I know figures can sell out and everyone knows that, but this isn't the welcoming, easy to collect method that Mattel was hocking when this line started. I defended them then, I'm disappointed now.

  11. Poe

    @Newt: So you're saying if Mattel simply had "Sold Out" instead of "No Longer Available", everything would be fine?

    Mattel has warned all along that the figures could sell out on Mattycollector. The fact that they've set some aside for conventions doesn't change that. I really don't understand the anger about this.

  12. He's not sold out, he's "No Longer Available".

    Which is Mattel's version of "Go check Ebay fanboy!"

    I'm starting to wonder if maybe, just maybe, Matty is also a scalper of his own product. It would make sense.

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