Ask Mattel, 2/3/2009

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Better late than never!

1.) Please pardon this extremely pedantic question: starting with DCUC Wave 6, online retailers can order solid cases of figures to be sold as sets. Are these specialty cases packed at the beginning or end of the production run, or is it done randomly?

They are produced as orders come in during production and are not necessarily always at the start or beginning of the production run.

2.) Matty’s Facebook page appears to be quite a success. How does it fit in with Mattel’s overall online marketing and PR strategy?

Matty’s Facebook page is just an additional way he can communicate with fans. We will still continue to do Q & As and Toy Guru will post on websites. We found we were getting many of the same questions every month submitted by different websites, so Facebook will hopefully act as a central place (along with’s news section) to get information straight from Mattel.

3.) One thing collectors have often requested for Mattycollector is weapons packs. Are these financially feasible at this time, and if so, would they be more likely for DCUC or MOTUC?

The trouble with doing a weapons pack is it costs the same amount to tool a new weapon as it does a new head. So doing a weapon pack of all new weapons would be expensive as each accessory would need to be tooled and that winds up being a lot more expensive then a single figure costs. So if we did offer this, it would likely include previous accessories bundled together.

4.) There are some characters, such as Galatea, the Justice Lords or the Gray Ghost, who were created just for the DC animated universe and have never appeared in DC comics. Does your license agreement allow you to create DCUC-style figures of these characters, if you wanted to?

Well, we did do Batman Beyond in 6 inch, so anything might be possible, but all of the figures in every line is handled and approved on a figure by figure basis and in the end we work with our license partners at DC and WB to find the best line up possible. If there are enough fan requests to do Gray Ghost or Galatea in 6″ we could look at that, but it is likely we would choose to do Power Girl over Galatea first in 6″.

5.) What’s the status of the proposed DCUC two-packs, such as Lex Luthor/Supergirl and Superman/Brainiac?

We are waiting for retail customer’s to place orders for these before we can go into production on these.


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  1. Gotta go with Power Girl. Why make the animated knock off when the pride and joy of Earth Double D is available.

  2. Gray Ghost would be awesome!

  3. Question 4 is interesting. I don't particularly care about the Gray Ghost or Galatea (but I'd still buy them), but I'd LOVE to get the Justice Lords.

  4. I'm with Griffin–I've been waiting on pictures, especially if this Brainiac is supposed to be different.

    The Hawkgirl/Hawkman pack–by Golden Age, I assume they mean without the winged helmets? How much of a difference are we talking here?

    I'm interested in all of them, but it's gonna take more than a muddy Batman to inspire me to make the purchase.

  5. Motorthing

    You do A good job keeping the questions reasonable in tone – I wouldn't be able to resist screaming at them about how much misery they currently contribute to what should be a relatively simply situation within global capitalism – make good toys and let me buy them.

  6. I'm with Griffin. How can I order something that I don't know what it looks like?

    Man I'd LOVE a Gray Ghost. That'd be the bees-knees!

    Matty's news section is stupid. They post nothing there. It's all about the Facebook. Lameness.

  7. Griffin

    I would have hoped for a better answer to that last question. I for one refuse to order those without pictures to judge them by.

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