DCUC Wonder Twins?! (updated)

Here’s an odd thing that popped up on a CARS blog

[Pics removed at Mattel’s request.]

Absolutely nothing has been confirmed yet. This could be a custom. But…could the Wonder Twins be this year’s SDCC exclusive? Or perhaps a Mattycollector.com two-pack?

(Thanks to graznador at the Fwoosh for pointing this out.)


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Odds ‘n Ends


  1. Valo487

    Well Mattel yanked them. Probably the closest thing we'll get to an outright confirmation. Here come the Glimmer….I mean Wonder Twins.

    Is there anybody the Horsemen can't make look cool? Crazy Quilt??

  2. spoonman

    MATTEL & THE FOUR HORSEMEN NEED TO STOP SHOWING ME THIS STUFF!!!! I 'm running out of clean underwear because I wet myself everytime I see every new figure!!!!!

  3. Phoenix

    I agree with Valo487 about the lameness of the Wonder Twins. While the pic of the figure looks cool I know I still won't be adding any of the Wonder Twins to my collection!

  4. Valo487

    I think these just might be the lamest DC characters ever, I've always felt like that……..but seeing this makes me want some damn Wonder Twins!! I might as well just sign my paychecks over to the Four Horsemen. Bring on more obscure characters!!

  5. George

    Well I hope its the SDCC Exclusive so I wont have to spend money on it.There pretty lame.

  6. JB

    OH MY GOD!!!

  7. Scott

    I thought it was Zan and Jayna.

  8. Jason Geyer

    A question: did Lobo have a UPC?

    Do all con exclusives have them?

    Just curious.

  9. Personally, I'm fine with this as an exclusive, 'cause I friggin' shoot myself if Martian Manhunter is.

  10. Personally, I hope it's not the exclusive this year. I'd be fine with it being a matty.com exclusive though.

    I like the idea of a Fire and Ice two pack at SDCC.

  11. KC from the CARS blog … there's not much info listed under the WONDER TWINS but there was 2 pics so I grabbed them just for fun – did not realize they were some mystery item, 🙂

    But just you know it's real – here are the UPC's …






    There is photo of Gleek but no UPC for Gleek … I also have a photo of Zan (no Jan) – Poe, shoot me an email …

  12. Digby

    if 4H never gets around to it, Thunder Hawk from SOTA's street fighter makes a nice Apache Chief substitute

  13. Santo

    man i hope this is true…

    if so , put these guys in my list of figures i wanted that i never thought i'd get ( batman beyond is a prime example ) …here's hoping for an apache chief c&c maybe asking for krypto isn't asking for too much now

  14. Rustin Parr

    Yeah man, wonder twins for SDCC… I read somewhere that it was hinted at as a two-pack… SDCC or mattycollector.com

    I can't believe I'm actually hoping for Samurai, Black Vulcan, Apache Chief, etc. for a Super Friends collection and crap like Tyr for a Super Powers collection… and all this when we still don't have vastly more important characters like Martian Manhunter or the bulk of JSA.


  15. Poe

    @Iron-Cow: The Alex Ross Gleek appears to look a lot more like a real monkey, actually.

    Here's the cartoon Gleek.

  16. Motorthing

    Great, hope it is a con-exclusive cos that will be another one I can cross of as having no interest in whatsoever. I didn't think it was possible but what with Ghostbusters and now this I'm saving money hand over fist on 4H product (if that's what it turns out to be…)

  17. Hmmm… I might be wrong, but I'd swear that's based off Alex Ross's artwork. Maybe a DC Direct item instead?

    Either way, it's NICE! Very curious about what they've got cooking up…


    aka Iron-Cow

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