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Mattel posted a lengthy update on their Facebook page.

Hey toy fans,

I know a lot of fans have been asking for sales reports on the items we sell on While for legal reason I can’t go into units produced vs. sold, but I can give you a few tidbits.

MOTUC has been a great success. Stratos is actually selling faster than anticipated, so that is a great sign and will help us adjust quotas for the rest of the year.

DCU and JLU have been doing well, but I gotta tell ya, the Masters fans are killing the DC fans on this one! We do have some really great plans for more DCU brand sets in 6″, JLU and beyond. So if you are interested in seeing more DCU brand items online, grab one of the current sets. Honestly, at the end of the day, it is the sales of one items which will lead to the next and we need to hit certain minimums to keep lines going.

Not that JLU and DCU are doing poor, but if you want ’em, we suggest you get ’em!

Okay, and to end on a high note, overall things are going great. We are very close to launching the DCU brand library featuring (ideally) all of the collector lines from the past few years leading up to sneak peaks of new released. Should be the ideal place to get your DCU info!

After that we’d like to see CARS go up as new CARS product gets ready to launch in a few months (the team is working hard on this with Pixar and Disney, so stay tuned for awesome stuff as soon as it is ready!)

We’ll also be adding a Ghostbusters page in the next month or so as we rev up for a summer release of 6″ and 12″ figures from everyone’s favorite paranormal investigators aimed for collectors.

Next up is Faker on sale March 16th (the 15th is a weekend). Until then, see you in aisle 7G.


PS: DCUC Wave 7 mix 2 should be out in about a month. (ideally). I’ll update everyone as soon as we see first samples, that usually means they will be in stores within a few weeks.

I don’t think DC fans need be worried that MOTUC is selling better. MOTUC figures can only be bought off the site, while JLU/DCUC fans have their hands full trying to find figures at retail. Also, quality control issues have made fans wary of buying DCUC figures sight-unseen.

In short, there’s no reason to panic–not that that ever stopped collectors.

On the other hand, the news about DCUC Wave 7 is a bummer. Unless the single cases are being produced early in the production run, it’ll be early April at least before I see my set from CornerStoreComics.


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  1. I went a little crazy with the last TF movie, and I have the credid card payments to prove it. =(

    I collected all of the main autobots, Robovision Prime, Premium Leader Prime, G1 colors Jazz, G1 colors Ratchet, Bumblebee, Ironhide. I also picked up a few misc. ones, like Cliffjumper, and Best Buy exc. Megatron. Not to mention the little transforming gizmos like the mp3, camera, video game, watch, etc. Then there's the odds and ends like the placemats, Optimash Prime, voice changing helmet (yea, I got one of those), and there's more I can't think of off the top of my head.

    If I said I won't be picking up *anything* from the ROTF line, I'd prolly be lying. Still, I'm just not very excited. Even with all the stuff shown off at Toy Fair, its just left me with a feeling of "meh". At this point, if I get anything, it *might* be the new Leader Prime, cuz he looks a lot better and movie accurate. I like Skids and Mudflap, but I don't know if they're worth buying. Human Alliance Bumblebee looks good, but eh, I just don't see it happening.

    All but my Leader Prime rarely even get touched. Most are in storage or just wherever I happened to last put them down.

    Hasbro must be off their rocker to charge $100 for the Devy set, which to the best of my knowledge won't even transform individually. I think the smaller scale set of Voyagers/Deluxes is a little better, but still ugly. Once again Hasbro is flooding the market with movie TF stuff and we'll be seeing it on shelves for the next two years.

    Also I'd like to mention that MP Grimlock is out in a month or so, and at $150, thats a LOT of money so I'm going to have to accommodate.

    At this point, especially since money is very tight, I'm happy to limit my collecting to MOTUC and DCUC. I'm not sure when we'll get the next waves of TFA, but when we do I'm going to be more selective. I really like the line though, so I think if I was going to pick between TFA and Classics, I'd go with TFA. Universe/Classics 2.0 didn't really do much for me. The only one I really like from the new batch is Hound. The rest are just eh, so I'm leaving my collect-them-all mentality at the door and am going to start cherry picking the next time around.

    Thundercats would be great, but I don't see myself collecting more than a few characters like Lion-O, Panthro, Mumm-Ra, and Slithe. I'm having doubts about whether I'll be able to collect Ghostbusters. If I do, I may have to cut back on DCUC or even more on Transformers. As great as DCUC is, I'm not a huge fan of comics, and have little knowledge outside of the Bat-verse so I've never heard of guys like Captain Atom, Dr. Fate, Mr. Terrific, etc. So other than the fact that they're really awesome action figures, I really have no sentimental attachment or reason to collect them.

  2. @ Mark – Also I havetoo say the Movie Devestator is in my opinion the biggest let down in the history f Transformers toys, I was expecting something so much cooler….even in the movie style.

    I agree with you about Devastator. Soundwave also looks awful. Overall, the movie character designs leave me cold and, in my opinion, look terrible. I guess that just means that the figures match the movie.

  3. Mark

    @PrfktTear, Thanks man. At least someone agreeswith me. I bought about 5 Transformers movie toys last time, and out of them I have two left, Leader Pprime, which I am keepin more as a memento to the film as its the best of a bad bunch and theother is Elita One, which is a repaint of Energon Arcee, bought itas I missed out on her the first time. Also I havetoo say the Movie Devestator is in my opinion the biggest let down in the history f Transformers toys, I was expecting something so much cooler….even in the movie style. The MOTU Classics are well worth the money. Lets ust hope some time soon for some Thundecats, Bravestarr and Dungeons & Dragons.

  4. Michael Lovrine

    If the DCUC offerings we're lets say, "better", I'd think they'd sell out. I'm not slagging on Starfire and Adam but their not exact A-list material and I don't they'd fly off the retail shelves either if overly produced and well distributed. Its about the only reason DCUC is scare is the screwy distribution. But people should always use their heads and pre-order online.

  5. I'm with Mark and I'm looking forward to the Transformers "Draught" with the upcoming movie figures. Not to say I won't pick any of them up, but with Universe/Classics going on hiatus, and not too much from Animated on the horizon, I'm looking forward to having a chance to breathe and concentrate on NECA's TMNT and MOTUC.


  6. I've got Beast Man, Skeletor, and Faker and all three are excellent. And I saw a King Grayskull yesterday but I passed (both because of the price — $75 — and because I've decided to only grab the villains).

    As to the DCUC and Infinite Heroes figures, as soon as they get some "must have" figures up as exclusives then I'll no doubt buy a few. So far, in my opinion, none of those have been figures that I really want.

  7. Mark

    I own He-Man and Beastman. they are excellent well made durablr figures. Trust me if you buy any Classics figure you will not regret it. I like these figures so much I am taking a massive break from Transformers as a lot of the new ones and the ones from the movie do nothing for me. Also Hasbro's quality control on the Transformers has really dropped. So, more cash to spend on better things, MOTUC, TMNT, Micronauts, DCUC and Marvel Legends.

  8. Nicholai

    Although I have missed He-Man, Beast Man, and Skeletor I've finally decided to give MOTUC a chance based on the fact that they said they'll reprint He-Man and Skeletor, but I'm still wavering because at $20 with shipping and tax (because of my state I have tax to pay) it is a $31 figure. If they get the rumored subscription thing up and running so I can buy each as they come out and then get them shipped together every couple months that might keep me on this line.

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