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  • I realized I completely missed last week’s Odds ‘n Ends. It didn’t even occur to me until yesterday. My apologies! I’m sure I had much more pressing business involving saving the world from diabolical forces or some such.
  • For those of you wondering whether the DCUC Wonder Twins are fake, all signs point to them being real. That’s all I’ve got right now, though.
  • Kastor’s Korner has a clearer pic of the NYCC panel Joker reveal. The mallet definitely has the Joker face.
  • Dr. Mrs. Ghostal and I saw Coraline over the weekend. It’s a lovely, creepy story–I haven’t read the book, but I want to now. It’s a worthy successor to The Nightmare Before Christmas, and probably a better heir to Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal than Mirrormask (which was designed to be an heir to those movies) was.  The 3D aspect is mostly low-key, making the film a more immersive experience without being distracting. Also, DMG was quite taken with the tiny knitted items used throughout the film, such as the sweaters and gloves.
  • As a Red Sox fan, I should probably be taking some measure of schadenfreude in A-Rod’s admission yesterday. But honestly I’m just kind of sad. While I’m genetically wired to hate the Yankees, I did hope A-Rod would surpass Barry Bonds’s home run record–and do it clean. Now A-Rod would have to surpass it by as many home runs as he hit between 2001-2003 in order to avoid the dreaded asterisk (at least in my mind). Shine on, Hank Aaron.
  • To get back on topic, I should have the rest of my DCUC6 figures today, so look for reviews the rest of the week.


DCUC Wonder Twins?! (updated)


Pic of the Day


  1. dwaltrip

    googum…..Even though it is PG, Coraline could possibily be a little intense for a young kid. Obviously its your call, just wanted to make you aware of it. And as far as They Might Be Giants goes….from what I read, they were doing the whole soundtrack, and then it didnt end up working for the "darker" feel of the movie. So I think they only used one of their songs in it.

  2. George

    Aww Poe I just realized you live in Boston, I get excited when I see A Sox Fan because I live in Texas no one watches baseball here.

  3. Matthew K

    Coraline was pretty good. A little scary for my four year old, though.

  4. Anytime a toy company makes someone take down a pic, it confirms it's legit. Not that I ever doubted the Wonder Twins pics anyway.

  5. My Youngest son has been jumping up and down for Coraline, so I've gotta take him soon. I've been introducing him to They Might Be Giants too, so it all works out.

  6. George

    It really makes me sad that the poster boy that would make MLB a clean sport again failed. oh well GO RED SOX!!!!

  7. Poe

    @Dwaltrip: My wife showed me a video of a person knitting something for the movie. Pretty amazing.

  8. J_Stone

    Coraline was awesome. I too, have not read the book, but clearly need to.

  9. dwaltrip

    Did you watch the making of "Coraline" Poe?

    They show the lady knitting those mittens, its crazy!

    I saw the movie as well…..really enjoyed it. After watching the "making of", I would like to go and see it again. It makes it that much more impressive.

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