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He-Man: Meteorb Crocobite by jimmy j


Toy review roundup (via Fanmode)


Review > Stratos (Masters of the Universe Classics)


  1. orionpax636

    Oh, my poor Meteorbs. Man, I wish I was able to get more of those. A really cool, unexpected and often forgotten part of the series. I only had Astrolion, but always wanted Comet Cat.

  2. Say what you will about He-Man, but the series did produce some awfully interesting critters!

  3. Awesome. And yet another toy I always wished I had when I was a kid. I guess we probably had a couple, but I always wanted more.

  4. Nicholai

    They were part of the Masters of the Universe line though they were not in the cartoon and were from a completely different toyline in Japan. I had a few of these because they were so cheap. If I remember correctly I had a lion and a elephant one.

  5. What's he from? The transforming egg looks familiar but I can't remember exactly what the series was.

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