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mattel logoOK, you guys complained, I relented. Again. So I’ll go back to asking Matty questions. I missed the March 1 round, so my next round will go up on March 15.

Got any questions for Mattel? Post ’em below and I’ll pick a couple to ask. And be polite. I’m not going to pick any mean-spirited or whiny ones.

EDIT: OK, I picked two questions. Closing comments now. Thanks!


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  1. Kevin

    -What is the real story behind the cancellation of the last 2-packs.

    -How many figures are in the next Wal-Mart wave, 5 like before or 7 like the current waves & will it have variants?

  2. Will the Clayface in the Poo Batman 2-pack have solid arms?

  3. Scott

    You briefly posted on Matty that you would have some cases of wave 6 available on Monday, 2/22 but removed the post from your website. Will these be offered in the near future, preferably individually?

  4. Chuck20

    Are DCUC figures going to be based solely on specific comic book/ other media outfits or will we ever see an amalgamated character look (ie: DCSH Parasite) in the series?

  5. nerdbot

    A few questions, all related to DCUC wave 5 (and my continued frustration about not finding it).

    Could Mattel produce more of wave 5 for Wal-Mart to supply the obvious demand for them? (Poe, your post from a couple weeks ago should convince both parties that this would make sense. When multiple figures from a recent wave are selling on eBay for 2 or 3 times retail prices- somebody underestimated demand.)

    Does Mattel know if wave 5 figures are still in the supply chain? (I know wave 2 figures are still popping up at Targets, for example. Should we just be patient and keep looking?)

    As a last resort, could Mattel find a way to re-release wave 5 figures – with their Metallo parts – in the not too distant future?

    Hope those aren't too whiny!

  6. elvis8batman

    Will DCUC cover both eras of the Titans, giving us the original line up and the older Perez line up? The reason I ask this is because the Kid Flash in wave 7 is fine scale wise for the original line up, but too small to stand beside Starfire and Cyborg for a Perez era line up. I don't mind having 2 versions of the same figure if they are noticeably different.

    Basically, will you be making a Dick Grayson Robin, Wonder Girl, Speedy and Aqualad in scale with the wave 7 Kid Flash, and then older versions of these characters to fit in with Starfire and Cyborg?

    The size that Sinestro actually came out at in production is pretty much the right scale for the older teen versions.

  7. dayraven

    Does Matty ever intend to use the newsletter feature the site asks you to sign up for to distribute news for non-Facebooked fans?

    alternate question:

    If we sign up for the buy-and-store purchase option to be offered later, are we locked in on figure pricing for that year (in case cost changes occur during the year?)

  8. Frogster

    Will we see a reissue of the excellent DCSH black and grey costumed Batman figure that is extremely scarce and a little pricey to purchase in the secondary market?

  9. eric

    What wave will The Joker be in? Will we see Nightwingin his 80s and 90s outfit?

  10. Nicholai

    I've got two questions:

    Will all the future DCUC waves be broken up in shipments like wave 7? I ask for fear that the second half of a wave may miss my stores and I'd be left with half a collect-and-connect.

    Are just Skeletor and He-Man up for reprint for MOTUC or is Beast Man a possibility?

  11. Mark

    Will Mattel start distributing MOTUC in the UK, as a lot of fans are over here are put off at paying so much for shipping?

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