Toy news roundup, 2/20/09

Good morning folks! My apologies–there is no actual news roundup today. I did my usual perusal of the toy websites and found virtually nothing I deemed newsworthy. Feel free to post anything you found interesting in the comments below.

The only thing that caught my attention was that reportedly, the news page briefly had an item up yesterday that said the site would be offering cases of DCUC Wave 6 for $120, and possibly singles in the future. However, the news item isn’t there now, so who knows.

Obviously, if MC were to offer regular retail figures on the site, it would have serious consequences for other online retailers. On the other hand, if they were to offer cases of Wave 5, there would be much rejoicing.


Toy review roundup (via Fanmode), 2/18/09


Review > Faker (Masters of the Universe Classics)


  1. Scott

    They only mentioned Wave 6. It's extremely unlikely that they'd offer someone else's exclusive wave. Even Hasbro doesn't do that.

  2. It'd be rather decent of them to offer cases or singles of this wave they've screwed up.

  3. santo

    on tni there is a post about the movie deadpool in the wolverine line

    so i click on it since he is my favorite marvel character and find that it isn't just ryan reynolds in a red shirt with a sword but a member of the band slipknot mixed with barake from mortal kombat….and i just have to ask

    why does marvel always mess with the things i love?

    i think i was better off thinking this was deadpool before the cancer and pre ninja suit in wolverine…not this

    ok im done venting

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