“Best of DC Universe Classics” case up for preorder

Interesting! Entertainment Earth is accepting pre-orders for a “DC Universe Best of DC Classics” wave. Crammed with all-stars, the case costs $139.99 and comes with the following:

This Best of the DC Universe Classics Wave 1 contains figures from Wave 3 to Wave 8. The case includes 10 individually packaged action figures (subject to change):
1x Superman (Red)
1x Superman (Black)
1x Dr. Impossible
1x Robin
1x Batman
1x Firestorm
1x Shazam
1x Captain Cold
1x Booster Gold
1x Aquaman

Note: The Aquaman is apparently the blue variant from wave 7, and the Booster Gold is the modern variant.


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  1. Poe

    I believe it's the Ronnie Raymond version, but I'm still seeing tons of Jason Rusch Firestorms at my local Targets.

  2. Frowny McBeard

    But which Firestorm is it? Ronnie Raymond or Jason Rusch? I'd like to get the modern one at some point.

  3. De

    Is Superman Black the elusive variant from the old DC Superheroes days or is he the depowered version from Reign of the Supermen?

  4. Not bad! Good news is I have most of the figures I want from that case, save for Shazam! and Firestorm.

  5. nerdbot

    Hmmm… That's odd. Seems like EE has (or anticipates having) extras of those figures? It is a strange assortment.

  6. Ant

    if i had the cash i'd buy myself one, that'd be fantastic

  7. Chuck20

    Dr. Impossible is considered a best of figure? I mean, he's good, but I'm not shouting from the mountains over him. A true best of case would look something like this IMO

    S1 Batman

    S2 Classic Aquaman

    S2 Firestorm

    S3 Green Lantern

    S3 Deathstroke

    S4 Wonder Woman

    S4 Ares

    S6 Superman Red and Blue

    S6 Hawkman

    S7 Flash

    That would truly be a greatest hits of DCUC collection.

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