DCUC9 images and updates from Mattel

Mattel passed along some hi-res images of DCUC Wave 9, along with some news.

Please note that the Guardian figure will indeed be the Classic Guardian and not the modern Guardian as shown at NYCC and in ToyFare. (This was due to the fact that we did not have tooling available to do both and vintage version was farther along in the process.)

Also note that we will have a second variant of Wildcat but have not confirmed what that is yet.

DCUC Ultraman and Alex Luthor 2 pack will go on sale April 15th and the JLU LOSH pack will go on sale May 15th.

Faker will be on sale this Monday March 16th and will be limited to 4 per person due to his availability at NYCC.


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Any questions for Mattel?


  1. Jim

    All the new Wave 2 batches have wrong bicep arms for Aquaman. The way you can check is the paper inserts used for the character name in bubble. The old vendor had the white glossy paper while the 2nd vendor uses recycled cardboard paper for the inserts.

  2. Dead Man Walking

    @jeff. I couldn't agree more. I just got my wave 2 set in. My first Aquama had the wrong bicep on one arm. My replacement Aquaman has the wrong biceps on BOTH arms. Harley Quinn is atrocious, which sucks considering how unbelievable the prototype was. Other than the BAF's the only figure that has been amazing is Ares.

  3. Poe

    Someone posted a good comparison pic of the "modern" vs. "classic" Guardian figures over on AFI.

    It does look like the two figures have different heads–modern's looks like it could be a bit narrower and different around the eye area. This would suggest the tooling problem had to do with the modern figure's head.

  4. Poe

    I'm not clear on the difference between "classic" and "modern" Guardian. Is it just the paint scheme and the golden helmet? If so, what's the tooling problem?

  5. Griffin

    I'm loving that Green Arrow- I will own him. I hope everything in the picture ends up as pictured. If they leave out any of those arrows i will be very upset.

  6. Those look great. I really want to get out of DCUC, no room, not enough money, too much hassle to hunt them down… But those pics make them look great.

    They keep sucking me back in! Gotta love it.

  7. jeff

    I wish Mattel would stop trying to pass off pics of the 12-inch, 2-up prototypes as pics of the 6-inch real deal. You can tell these are the actual 4H-sculpted/painted pieces by the size of knee and ankle pins (small and discreet instead of huge and obvious). I'd rather see photoshop touched-up pics of production pieces (a la Hasbro) than be continually disappointed by the huge discrepancy between these 2-up prototypes and the figures we eventually get.

  8. This is such a fantastic wave. I can't wait.

    And bring on more JSA!

  9. Jim

    NICE Pics! I can't wait for Green Arrow!

    It's unfortunate the final products of every wave never match the look of the hi-res images.

    Also….March 16th falls on a Monday not Tuesday.

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