Meet the new Batman, same as the old Batman


DC has released their solicits for June, including a look at the new Batman and his “redesigned” outfit (from the cover of Batman #687). From what I can tell, the new touches are the bat-buckle and what look like scalloped work gloves instead of gauntlets, which seems like a step back to me. Of course, I still want a DCUC version of him as soon as possible, please.

I’m really not on board with most of DC’s plans for the Batman comics family. As of right now the only titles I definitely plan on trying out are Paul Dini’s Streets of Gotham and Sirens (because I love his work) and maybe Red Robin, since the plot sounds interesting and, for some reason, I love the Red Robin design–I really hope we get him as a DCUC figure.

And now, if I may be a typical toy geek for a second, does anyone else ever get annoyed when a character gets redesigned in comics (or TV shows, or whatever) just after you get a new action figure of him? I’m particularly annoyed that Robin is getting a new outfit, since we just got a new figure of him in DCUC, plus I quite like the red-and-black outfit. It’s not that I hate change, but I do prefer it be for the better, and the red-and-black suit got to hang around for what, three years?

We don’t know what the new Robin looks like for certain yet (since apparently we can’t rely on the Frank Quitely Batman and Robin cover, as the Batman outfit is clearly different from the one on the cover of Batman #687).

However, there’s a rumor going around that there will be two new Batmen–Dick Grayson (with Damian *shudder* Wayne) in Batman and Robin and Jason *shudder* Todd as Batman in the main title, which is being written by Judd Winnick, the writer responsible for bringing Jason Todd back to life.

Of course, Bruce will eventually come back and put an end to this mess…I hope.


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  1. Two BatMEN… and one of them is Jason Todd.

    I just frosted my boxers!

  2. Jim

    Costume sucks….storyline sucks. Another gimmick to get sales up…

  3. zach

    ugh, I'm not at all psyched at what's going on with the bat-titles. too many books without a solid focus on the core two. just another case of DC fixing something that wasn't broken. I can't wait for this too be over.

  4. David

    I've really enjoyed what's been happening in Batman the last few years. It's been an upping the stakes for the character while still being faithful to his history (check out the upcoming Black Casebook TPB if you don't believe that). While of course Bruce will return, I think we can get some neat stories while he's gone (not to mention what'll be happening with him). I hope they don't do two new Batmen though, I really don't like that idea. I'd chalk up the costume discontinuity with artistic interpretations. Remember how many times the Suit of Sorrows changed in The Resurrection of Ra's Al Ghul? And Frank Quitely's work has always been a little "quirky" anyway.

  5. Poe

    I'm not even sure if you can count the belt as part of the redesign, since so many artists seem to depict the belt differently anyway (the only constant is that it has pouches). The belt Frank Quitely drew on the cover of Batman and Robin is more innovative, although that Batman still has the gauntlets so I have no idea what the deal is.

    I don't know that I can get on-board with the smaller gloves, though. I just think gauntlets look cooler, and they're certainly a lot more functional (see Batman Begins and The Dark Knight).

  6. Ed

    I think the belt kinda looks like the belt from the Nolan movies.

  7. Andrew

    I think it's pretty tough to be upset about this redesign. It's not like the Azrael Batman costume, or the proposed Alex Ross Spider-Man movie costume. There's very little change present in the new costume.

    And if it means the next inevitable Batman we get is actually different from the last couple of Batmans we got, all the better, I say.

  8. George

    The new design isn't too bad. Seems like a throwback/with the circular belt and gloves,although they seem like some Green Arrow would wear. i like it,or I like the fact that they didn't change the color like they did with Regen Black Supes. I can live it.

  9. Frowny McBeard

    Two Batmen seems like a bad idea. But honestly, as one of Stan Lee's true believers, I'd bring up one thing: Had you told me, about 5 years ago, that they were going to bring back Bucky, kill Steve Rogers and have Bucky take over as Captain America, I would have started laughing hysterically. If you'd told me it was going to be awesome, I probably would have derided your intelligence. Sometimes it's alright for your cynicism to be wrong. Of course, Judd Winick isn't Ed Brubaker.

  10. Frogster

    As a bat fanatic, I am definitely not on board with this gimmick. What a ridiculous way to undermine an iconic character. DC's cartoon interpretations of their characters are near perfect, ie; BTAS, JLU ect, but how they handle their comic storylines are another matter especially with Didio and Morrison of late. I'll wait until Bruce returns I think…BTW, I agree Dini is solid gold as a writer.

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