It Figures #2

Batman twitter tweets Blue Beetle Booster Gold It Figures


Review > Jet Jaguar (6″ Movie Monster Series)


Review > Atom Smasher (DC Universe Classics)


  1. Frogster

    That's a really cool setup.

  2. Poe

    They were looking for a book about Icthultu.

  3. Sunnydale Library?

  4. Mumma Ghostal

    As much as I enjoy the articles, interviews,reviews, and oh-so-pithy commentary by all…I reeeaaally think I like the pictures the best. The damn things look alive!

    You guys know they aren't alive….right?

  5. Jim

    ……says half of the Ambiguously Gay Duo!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Templar

    Funny, PG! Would it have been sweeter with Batman's figure just peeping in the background railing, as if walking into Booster's remarks ????

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