It Figures #4

Grimlock waiter Megatron Soundwave It Figures


A favor to ask


There’s Another Transformers Exclusive…


  1. Motorthing

    Waiting for Grimlock is making me cranky – hours of G1 based japery await if only the Post Office would hurry up and get him here…..

  2. Jim


  3. Mark

    What great conversations him and Shockwave must have had LOL.

  4. Jim

    lol True but I was an 80's kid and I rememeber my big brother asking me what was up with the Megatron toy. 80's Megatron's bascically a walking Viagra joke.

  5. Mark

    Original Transformers are still the best…why couldn't they make them just the same with a little improved articullation?

  6. Mark

    The toy makers back then were not having to put up all the PC crap of today.

  7. Jim

    You know I always thought it was funny how the Megatron toy always looked like he had a hard on 24/7.

    What the hell where those toy makers thinking? lol

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