It Figures #8



Mer-Man and MOTUC subscription update


Most Wanted: Mercenary Gunman


  1. captainzero

    And the two-packs:

    Captain America & Claw.

    the Human Torch & …

    Spiderman & PowerMan with wrecking ball!!

  2. captainzero


    Poe, have you seen the new Marvel Universe figures on the Marvel News site??

    Hasbro's Capt. America, Namor, Red Skull, and The Human Torch??

  3. Poe

    Since I'm deliberately going for something of a "Far Side" thing with these cartoons, I'd rather not explain…but I admit some of the jokes are pretty damned abstruse.

  4. Megaduce Flare

    I meant the conversation between Cyborg Supes and the Terminator.

  5. captainzero

    Which part?? The Jesse Falcon part at Marvel news… or him saying "Toro was the original Human Torch"???

    (Still on meds!!)lol.

    Jesse must know that Toro wasn't the original Human Torch. Must have made a slip. I NEVER DO!! D'oh!!

  6. Megaduce Flare

    Okay, I give. I just don't get this one.

  7. captainzero

    Jesse says: "…the line encludes Toro, the First Human Torch!!" (Oh, oh!!)

  8. captainzero

    Oh, found them at Marvel News:

    Host Jesse Falcon brings you the latest on Marvel toys,

    games and collectibles…at Geek-lactus!! Video!!

  9. captainzero

    OOOOppps!! Not mattel figures!! Yikes!!

    I mean Hasbro…

    just had a root canal… so the medication doesn't help the clear thinking part.!!


  10. captainzero

    The humor with figures is fun. Thanks. Also, really liked that Batman over the skyline picture. Wished I had the Apple/photohop stuff. Lucky you!!

    Poe, here's a question:

    Will you show us the Mattel figues for the SDCC (I think.) of:

    Captain America

    The Human Torch

    Namor, The Sub-Mariner

    and the Red Skull!!

    Or am I dreamin'???


  11. Fengschwing

    I think I love you…

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