It Figures #9

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Paul’s Peg > Terminator Salivation?


Review > Mer-Man (Masters of the Universe Classics)


  1. You know I thought it seemed vaguely familar. Now I know why!

  2. Poe

    I basically got stuck and needed a last-minute fill-in. It won't happen again because, well, I don't have any more.

  3. Megaduce Flare

    The one on OAFE is about the same.

    According to the notes, it was flipped, re-lettered, and the blood was added in for kicks. Smithers also got to plead for help in the "Director's Cut Special Edition."

  4. Poe

    I took this photo almost a decade ago, when I was still in college.

    I posted it on my website at the time, "Poe Ghostal's Pit," and had people (mostly posters from the Spawn board) submit captions. Someone–and whoever it is has been lost to time and the vagaries of my various PCs–came up with this winner.

    I later used this photo several times on several different websites, including the OAFE version.

  5. @Grenadier: I think OAFE stolded this one and provided a different version. (Correct me if I'm wrong Poe)

    I love jokes that end with "I'll have a diet coke."

  6. Actually, "I owe you a coke" as a comically understated bargain was something of a short-lived running gag.

  7. Grenadier

    Wasn't there an ultra-bloody version of this gag on OAFE a while back?

  8. Mark

    Mr Burns did say 'I owe you a coke' in one episode to Smithers.

  9. Well done! I could see Mr.Burns saying that.

  10. LMFAO… a coke!

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